Islands of Adventure

64 Significant Injuries in 2017


*Dragon Challenge closed September 2017.


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53 Significant Injuries in 2016




Dragon Challenge


12 leg related. Loss of feeling in legs. Total is for both sides of ride

Flight of the Hippogriff



Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls 2 2 trip and fall related injuries
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 37 23 neck related injuries. 14 shoulder related injuries

Incredible Hulk


2 neck related injuries. Reopened summer 2016

Jurassic Park River Adventure 0 None
Pteranodon Flyers 0 None
The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man 0 None. Various eye related issues with and vomiting. Not recorded as injuries as of now, but pending verification


76 Significant Injuries in 2015

68 Significant Injuries in 2014

69 Significant Injuries in 2013

30 Significant Injuries in 2012

33 Significant Injuries in 2011

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