2006 Accidents & News

Girl, 10, Dead After Falling From  Ride; 7 Others Injured

12.26.06 - A ten-year-old girl has been killed and seven minors hurt, after being thrown from an amusement ride at a holiday fair in Marikina City, Philippines around 4 p.m. Monday.

A report indicates that  Marikina City police have arrested the fair manager, and two assistants. Police, however, are looking for the amusement ride's registered owner, too.

Apparently, police indicated that employees and its owner will be charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and multiple physical injuries.

Report: State of Ohio Releases Son of Beast Report

12.14.06 - The Son of Beast roller coaster at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio suffered from a design deficiency and that is what caused an accident to occur in 2006. This according to a report released by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The report indicates that a bent leg cracked which kept it from supporting the weight of the car as it sped down the track. 

The cracked leg subsequently led to two other legs that support the track to crack, too. 

Kings Island responded by saying that they intend to follow the state's suggestions and have also announced they will take out the loop part of the ride, so lighter trains can be used.

Read The Report Here (requires PDF)

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Amusement Park Fined For 2001 Death

12.9.06 - Lightwater Valley Attractions Ltd was  fined 35,000 pounds plus costs of 40,000 pounds for breaching health and safety legislation.

A maintenance electrician was fined 2,500 pounds plus costs of an additional
500 pounds. The manufacturer of the attraction Societe Reverchon Industries,
was fined a total of 120,000 pounds plus 55,000 pounds for costs.

In 2001 a 20-year-old woman  died from injuries she suffered while in a roller coaster at Lightwater Valley Theme Park in North Yorkshire, England. Apparently two of the roller coaster's cars collided on The Tree Top Twister spinning steel roller coaster.

The 20-year-old woman died from head and spinal injuries. Three (3) other people were also injured, too.

Read the press release regarding the incident and fines:


December 8th 2006

Lightwater Valley Attractions Ltd was today fined £35,000 plus costs of
£40,000 for breaching health and safety legislation in a hearing at Leeds
Crown Court before Mr Justice Simon.

Maintenance electrician Mr Eric Butters was fined £2,500 plus costs of
£500. The French manufacturer, Societe Reverchon Industries, France, was
found guilty after a four-day trial. The company, which is in liquidation,
was fined a total of £120,000 plus £55,000 costs.

The cases were brought after a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation
into an incident on 20 June 2001 at Lightwater Valley theme park, North
Yorkshire. 20 year old student Gemma Savage died and three other riders were
injured after two cars collided on the 'Treetop Twister' roller coaster.

After today's hearing, HSE's investigating Inspector Paul Robinson said:

"Gemma Savage tragically died after what should have been a fun day out
for her.

"The guilty pleas and verdicts and the Judge's comments and fines imposed
today on the ride supplier, operator and worker reflect the high safety
standards expected by the law, public and HSE from all those involved in
supplying and operating fairground and theme park rides.

"The amusement industry safety record is good but constant care is required
from all those involved to ensure that high safety standards are achieved
and members of the public are only exposed to the illusion of danger"

The 'Treetop Twister' ride at Lightwater Valley is a roller coaster where
cars are pulled up to a height and then run back down on an undulating and
twisting track under gravity. When a car failed to clear a 'hill', it was
held near the top and the ride automatically stopped the following cars.
Eric Butters used the maintenance hand controls to return cars to the station
but his actions, combined with the effect of a ride wiring fault, resulted
in the two cars colliding.

Lightwater Valley Attractions Ltd was charged with breaching Section 3(1) of
the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA). Mr Butters was charged under
Section 7(a) of the HSWA, and charges against the ride's French manufacturer,
Societe Reverchon Industries, France, were under Sections 6 (1A)(a) & 6(1A)(c)
of the HSWA.

Lightwater Valley Attractions Ltd and Mr Eric Butters pleaded guilty at an
earlier hearing.

Notes to Editors:
1. Section 3(1) of the HSW Act states, "It shall be the duty of every employer
to conduct his undertaking in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably
practicable, that persons not in his employment who may be affected thereby
are not thereby exposed to risks to their health or safety."

2. Section 7(a) of the HSW Act states: "It shall be the duty of every employee
while at work to take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself
and of other persons who may be affected by his acts or omissions at work."

3. Section 6(1A)(a) of the HSW Act states: "It shall be the duty of any
person who designs, manufactures, imports or supplies any item of fairground
equipment to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the article
is so designed and constructed that it will be safe and without risks to
health at all times when it is being used for or in connection with the
entertainment of members of the public."

Ride Stuck Upside Down; Leaves 18 Stranded


11.6.06 -  18 people were trapped upside down at Strathclyde Country Park, in Motherwell, Scotland, which is near Glasgow.

One of the victims, suffered from shock and from apparent hypothermia. He was rushed to the hospital for further evaluation. Other riders, after they were rescued, were left feeling dizzy and bruised from the pressure of having restraints pushed down on their body. According to officials, though, the accident was a result of a "small" technical failure on the attraction.

Health and safety officials will be conducting an inspection of the ride in question.


(photo courtesy  )

Girl, 13, Panics on Ride; Ejected Some 60 Feet

11.1.06 - A 13 year-old girl was severely injured at the Georgia-Carolina state fair in Augusta, Georgia when she was thrown from the Orbiter ride.

The girl was taken to the hospital  for severe head injuries. She was also in an induced coma until Sunday night.

The Orbiter ride was immediately shut down, but after an investigation and inspection by state inspectors, the Orbiter was recertified as safe to operate.

The state Department of Labor's Safety Engineering Division indicated that panic, and an attempt to get out, caused the accident at the Georgia-Carolina State Fair that flung the girl some 60 feet from the orbiter ride.

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Boy, 10, Ejected From Ride at South Carolina State Fair

10.24.06 - A 10-year-old boy was ejected some 15 feet from a ride at the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia, South Carolina, he suffered cuts including one to his head, scrapes, and a broken leg.

The accident happened on the "Mad Mouse" spinning roller coaster.

Apparently the safety bar never locked down as the ride took off with him and his mom.

The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation is investigating the accident.

The ride was being operated by North American Midway of Mississippi.

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Carnival Ride Malfunction; 20 Stranded

10.13.06 -  20 fair goers were stranded aboard the 'Power Surge' ride at the  Sacred Heart Church Fall fest in Pinellas Park, Florida.

The carnival ride broke down, keeping them up in the air for nearly two hours.

Ride operators released hydraulic fluid, which dropped the ride back to ground level where safety harnesses could be released.

No injuries were reported.

Texas Man Falls From Amusement Ride

10.10.06 -  A Texas man is in fair condition after falling up to 10 feet from the Pole Position roller coaster at the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo in Waco, Texas.

The man apparently struck his head on a metal beam before hitting the ground after falling from the roller coaster.

State safety officials from Texas, insurance companies and the ride’s manufacturer Fabbri Group of Italy will also be investigating the accident.

According to the manufactures website, the Pole Position roller coaster stands up to 32 feet high, and includes cars that spin during the ride.  Up to five passengers are secured into each car by a lap bar, as well.

The ride was operated by Crabtree Amusements.

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Operator Training: Carnival Ride Operator Arrested For Intoxication

10.9.06 - Authorities arrested a man who was apparently operating a ride at the Tulsa State Fair while intoxicated.

The 23-year-old was arrested for the misdemeanor offense on Wednesday night. The 23-year-old also indicated to authorities that he was a transient carnival worker.

Apparently a patron had witnessed a person hand the ride operator a beer wrapped in some type of cloth. A law enforcement officer and State of Oklahoma ride inspector would go and confront the ride operator finding a cup with beer inside of it.

The 23-year-old worked for Murphy Brothers, which is currently operating the Tulsa State Fair. However, the company has indicated that they have since fired the worker.

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Woman Injured on Flume Ride

10.8.06 - A woman in her 30's sustained serious head injuriers in an accident at  Liseberg amusement park in Göteborg, Göteborgs-Bohus Sweden.

She was on the parks flume ride, a ride where passengers sit in artificial hollow logs, which ends in a rapid descent and splashdown into a pool of water.

Apparently the woman panicked during the ride, and tried to get off. She fell out and was struck by the following two log boats.

One Injured When Bungee Attraction Breaks

10.3.06 -  A 48 year-old man sustained minor injuries as he dangled on the broken 'Ejection Seat' Bungee type thrill ride at the Tulsa State Fair for more than 30 minutes after one of the bungee cords supporting the ride snapped.

The man was treated by emergency medical workers at the scene. A ride worker also was helped down by rescuers during the mishap.

The Ejection Seat, consists of a two-seat chair that is suspended from two towers by bungee cords. It propels riders as much as 200 feet high at speeds of 60 mph.

The malfunction is being investigated by the Oklahoma Department of Labor, which oversees amusement safety.

2 Teens Fall From Amusement Ride


10.1.06 - Two teenage girls are in serious condition after falling from the 'Swing Drop' ride at Kumdori Park in Taejo, North Korea.

Apparently the twelve-year-old and 11-year-old girl fell over 100 feet to the  ground.

One of the girls suffered fractures in her chin and both legs and was unconscious when she was moved to a nearby hospital. The other injured girl broke her left leg and right arm.

One of the girls, however, claims ride operators started the ride before she was able to fasten her safety belt.

Carnival Accident in Connecticut; 2 Children Ejected From Ride


10.1.06 -  Two riders were sent to the hospital after suffering injuries on the Orbiter ride at the Berlin Fair in Berlin, Connecticut.

The ride was shut down after parents reported complaints that the safety bar latch was malfunctioning on the ride, and that children were being tossed about.

State officials inspected the ride and did not find any problems. The ride will remain closed, however.


Ride was operated by Dreamland Amusements.

UPDATE: Fair ride reopens after inspection - New Britain Herald, 10/1/06


Photo Courtesy: NBC 30

Carnival Ride Injures 4; Ejects 1 of The Injured


9.25.06 - Four children were injured on the Tilt-a-Whirl ride at a carnival at the Poplarville Fairgrounds in Poplarville, Mississippi.

The accident occurred about 7:40 p.m. Saturday. According to witnesses, one of the cars on the ride opened up and derailed, ejecting one child onto the metal deck of the Tilt-a-Whirl.

The rides were provided by Rebel Amusement Rides of Houma, La.

Girl, 13, Dead After Fall From Ride

9.12.06 - A 13-year-old girl accidentally fell some 38 feet to her death while riding on the Wild River ride, which is one of the attractions at Star City at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex.

A friend of the girls, told the police the girl suddenly felt dizzy and stood up from her seat while they were at the ride’s highest point. The girl was apparently then thrown from the ride.

The park and police have  launched investigations.

Accident at Minnesota State Fair; 6 Injured

9.1.06 - In Falcon Heights, Minnesota at the Minnesota state fair, 6 people were injured when one of the boats on the fair's River Raft Ride overturned.

3 adults and 3 children were in the boat with their seat belts fastened when the ride begin it's course at 4pm central standard time. Apparently some of the riders unbuckled their safety belts and begin moving about the attraction, putting much of the weight on one side of the boat. The attraction apparently then caught on one of the underwater boards that create the "rapids" on the ride.

A ride operator jumped on the boat to counterbalance the weight but was unable to prevent it from overturning. The riders were sent into the water, which ranges from about 2 to 3 feet deep.

The ride was then deemed safe by fair safety inspectors and was cleared for operation by 7pm central standard time. The boat that was involved in the accident, however, was taken out due to a bent handrail.

According to members of the public, the response by ride operators was, "a really good job."

Account of accident, told by an individual that apparently was on the ride through email message on 12/09/08:

09.01.06- In Falcon Heights, Minnesota at the Minnesota State Fair, 6 people were injured when one of the boats on the fair's River Raft Ride overturned. 3 adults and 3 children were in the boat with one of the seats not having their belts fastened due to the boat floating off rapidly before the attendant could get over to assist the man and young child with their seat belt.

This fact would prove to seem irrelevant in the causing of the accident, however. Also the four cornered seat boat apparently was not loaded properly due to the fact that one corner seat remained empty leaving the approximately 500 lb vessel unbalanced at best.

The boat began it's course at around 4pm CST and about a minute into the ride the boat became lodged on one of the underwater boards that create the "rapids" on the ride. This was likely due to the "unbalanced loading" of the four cornered boat and also the possible malfunctioning of the underwater boards that create the rapids. No persons on the ride stood up or moved around on the boat until an attendant who came to the side of the boat said to "jump, it's gonna go" after unsuccessfully trying to shake the boat free from what it was hung up on before the ride nearly flipped over. The riders then had to leap in to the water, which ranges 3 to 4 feet deep and were swept and kept underneath the water for about 30-40 feet down the course of the "rapid river". The ride was then deemed safe "likely after disabling the rapids boards" by fair safety inspectors and was cleared usage again. End.

2 Girls Injured on Carnival Ride in Michigan

8.27.06 - Two girls were struck by a falling metal sign as they rode a carnival ride at the Chelsea Community Fair in Chelsea, Michigan.

The injuries were said to be minor.

The ride is being operated by Mid America Shows.

Man Dead After Being Struck by Train at Amusement Park


8.27.06 - A man in his 20's died following an accident on the Ghost Train at an amusement park in the town of Tramore, Ireland.

Apparently the man fell off the Ghost Train and was struck by an oncoming train.

The Health and Safety Authority has launched an investigation.

7 Injured at New York State Fair

8.25.06 - In Syracuse, New York 7 people were injured when a cable snapped on the 'Drop Zone' attraction, dropping 14 passengers about 10 feet,

3 of the injured were taken by ambulance to local hospitals for treatment. All the injuries, however, were described as 'minor.'

The manager of the ride was quick to point out that this attraction has been used for years at fairs around the country without any problems.

The ride is owned by Straight Shows, a spokesperson for the company indicated, "since it is a mechanical ride, there is always a small chance something will malfunction."

Girl, 12, Shocked at Lorain County, Ohio Fair

8.24.06 - In Wellington, Ohio a 12-year-old girl was seriously injured when she was electrically shocked at the Lorain County Fair.

The girl was exiting the 'Whirl Wind' attraction when she grabbed a fence and was shocked by an apparent flow of electricity.

The ride has been closed for inspection by The Ohio Department of Agriculture's Ride Safety Division.

The death of, Greyson Yoe in 2003 by electrical shock on a bumper car ride prompted the state of Ohio to pass, "Greyson's Law," which increases ride safety at amusement venues all over Ohio. The law requires certification from a licensed electrician that everything electrical with an amusement ride was up to National Electrical Code standards.

The ride was being operated by Bates Brothers Amusement Company from Wintersville, Ohio.

UPDATE: Shock Cause Determined on Lorain County Fair Ride - Morning Journal, 8/27/06

Ride Breaks Down; 10 Left Hanging Upside Down

8.21.06 - In Caledonia, Wisconsin 10 people were on the 'Ring of Fire' Saturday  when the ride broke down, leaving the 10 upside down for up to 17 minutes.

Apparently the motor inside the ride simply burned out. Carnival officials, however, were quick to point out that they have never had a problem with this ride.

The state of Wisconsin is investigating.

Woman, 24, Falls Out of Roller Coaster

8.20.06 - A 24-year-old woman was injured after falling off of a Mad Mouse roller coaster in mid-ride at the Indiana State Fair.

The woman's injuries were bad enough to have her transported to the hospital, where she is in stable condition. It has also caused the closer of the roller coaster.

According to a witness they saw the woman get  thrown from the ride after her lap bar became unlatched.

The ride is operated  by North American Midway Entertainment, which is out of the Los Angeles, California area. According to a spokesperson for North American Midway entertainment, "accidents don't happen often." They also added, "It's definitely a rare occurrence."

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Report: Ride Operator at Fault in Rider Accident

8.19.06 - An Arkansas state inspector says a ride operator should have not let  a large woman take up two seats on a roller coaster at the Magic Springs amusement park in Hot Springs.

Magic Springs, however, disputed the report. It's saying that the rider didn't follow the rules for the 'Twist 'n Shout' ride.

Staff's commentary: The ride's manufacturer requires one seat per rider. It'd be interesting to see if warning signs for the ride indicate such.

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Brother and Sister Break Arms on Butler Amusement Ride

8.17.06 - A 13-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister broke their arms while riding 'The Tornado' at the Clark County Fair in Ridgefield, Washington on Sunday.

According to the boy who was injured on the ride, he and his sister put their hands above the disk on the pole and when they did, their hands immediately got stuck to it, he then heard his arm "snap."

The mother tried to get the attention of the ride operator, but to no avail. When the ride finally stopped the mother asked park personnel to call for help, but they told her they did not know who to call.

According to the Clark County Fair General Manager, "the kids are victims of a freak accident and the fair is safe."

Staff's commentary: Perhaps the Clark County Fair General Manager should take a look below at other Butler Amusement issues.

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Girl, 10, Dead After Collapsing at Six Flags Great America

8.17.06 - A 10-year-old girl who had a heart condition died Wednesday after getting off a ride at Six Flags Great America.

Around 6:00 p.m., the girl collapsed in the Yukon Territory section of the park.
Apparently she had just exited from a ride in the Camp Cartoon Network area.
While she was running to rejoin family members she suddenly collapsed.

It was later learned that the girl had a history of heart related problems.

Teen, 17, Breaks Leg While Riding Busch Gardens Roller Coaster

8.12.06 -A 17-year-old a teen was injured at Busch Gardens Europe (Virginia) around 5:20pm Friday night after he fractured his femur in two places on the Alpengeist roller coaster.

Apparently the teen had some type of pre-existing medical condition which had to do with bones in his legs. What that condition is, we're awaiting word.

The boy was airlifted out of the parks parking lot to a hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, where there is a doctor who can treat this boys condition.

The Alpengeist roller coaster has rows of seats that are suspended from a track. This allows the riders legs to dangle in the air, while the ride subjects riders to inversions and other types of elements.

This attraction received an approval rating of 2 1/2 out of 4 from ASO.

More information on Alpengeist.

Report: Oakwood Death; Anonymous Letter Says Over-The-Shoulder Restraints Not Installed Due to Cost

8.10.06 -  An anonymous letter to the family of a girl who was killed on Oakwood's 'Hydro' attraction says that the park skipped on shoulder restraints to save money. The implementation of such restraints could have saved the girls life.

Oakwood had no comment on the letter, but was going to review it with their legal team. However, Oakwood's Chief Executive was really quick to point out, "We have always had the highest safety standards at Oakwood and evidence during the inquest has shown that the Hydro ride, if properly operated, was perfectly safe."

The Chief Executive, however, "forgot" to mention that CCTV footage taken at the ride clearly showed that the 16-year olds lap bar was in an open position. Additional CCTV footage also showed both operators did not properly check that passengers were secure. An engineer brought in to inspect the ride, too, indicated the he could get out of the same seat that the 16-year old was ejected from. Even though lap bar restraints were locked. He also indicated that seatbelts could be removed, too, once lap bar restraints were locked.

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Carnival Ride Malfunction In Wisconsin; 3 Injured

8.06.06 - In Black River Falls, Wisconsin at the Jackson County Fairgrounds, three kids were injured and taken to a local hospital for 'bumps and bruises' and later released after a ride known  as the 'Swing' broke off its center point near the top. All other riders on the ride received assistance in getting off the ride.

The owner of the ride is Wenzel Amazements of Allenton, Wis.,
the incident is now under investigation by ride safety officials from occupational safety, the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, and Wenzel Amazements insurance carrier.

According to the Wenzel Amazements website, "Safety is Priority #1."

Report: Ride Operator Error May Have Been Issue in Carnival Accident

8.6.06 - An operator of a carnival ride that was shut down after two teenage girls were thrown to the ground acknowledged that the accident may have been his fault.

A report  released indicates that the 39-year-old ride operator  was shaking and upset after the accident, which severely injured one of the girls when they were thrown about 20 feet to the ground.

The ride operator told an official that he might have forgotten to insert the cotter pin, but pointed out that, "the two other safety features should have kept the girls in the ride."

The Zipper is a spinning ride with six sets of free-flipping cars, each with two seats that face each other. You generally find them at many carnivals around the United States and the world.

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Bungee Snaps on Ejector Seat Attraction in Montana; 2 Injured

8.3.06 - At the Montana State fair two men were injured when the 'Human Slingshot Ejection Seat' attraction's cable snapped.

Operators then lowered the two men to the ground after about 5 to 10 minutes. One of the men went to the hospital for observation.

Following a test with carnival employee volunteers, the Ejection Seat reopened Wednesday for business.

Montana does not have an amusement safety inspection program. However the carnival manager was quick to point out that,  "More people die falling off chairs and other furniture annually than at carnivals."

Woman, 45, Falls From Roller Coaster

7.30.06 - At Magic Springs amusement park in Hot Springs, Arkansas a 45-year-old woman was thrown out of the Twist and Shout roller coaster.

Apparently the woman was riding on Saturday when forces generated by the ride pushed her out of the train she was riding in. She then fell between 10-15 feet.

She was transported to the hospital in stable condition. The state of Arkansas has sent in an inspector to examine the attraction and to find out why her restraint did not keep her from falling out.

Also note that in August 1999 this same attraction known as 'Wild Wonder' killed a 39-year-old woman and her 8-year-old daughter when they  were ejected from a car on the Wild Wonder ride at Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, New Jersey after it suddenly slid backward from a 30-foot ascent and crashed into another car.

You can find the report on that accident here:

New Jersey State Report on Wild Wonder Accident

February 3, 2000

State Investigators Identify Cause of Fatal Roller Coaster Accident
A state investigation has found that the principle cause of the 1999 fatal roller coaster accident in Ocean City was a faulty braking mechanism – modified without approval less than two weeks before the incident – that failed to stop the backward plunge of the car carrying the two victims.

The braking mechanism, known as an anti-rollback device, had been modified without necessary state approval 11 days before the August 28 accident on the Wild Wonder Roller Coaster at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, according to a report issued by the state Division of Codes and Standards.

The report found that the metal "jaws" that are supposed to clamp to the ride’s rail to stop any backward motion had been replaced on August 17 and had become worn during the brief time they were in place. The parts did not conform to the manufacturer’s metal standards and were "out of true" to the rail, contributing to the wear. The out of true condition was due to the unauthorized modifications.

"This wear meant that there was no sharp point to grip the rail; so the anti-rollback mechanism slid along the rail rather than biting into it with sufficient force to initiate the cam locking action which would have stopped the car," the report found. "The fixed and mobile jaws were not the manufacturer’s original equipment parts. They were replacement parts that had been fabricated locally. They were installed on the cars on August 17, 1999. They were not hardened in conformity to the requirements of the manufacturer’s specification. This contributed to the worn condition which prevented the anti-rollback mechanism from gripping the rail."

According to the report’s narrative, the Wild Wonder is a gravity type roller coaster comprised of four independent cars, each of which accommodates four riders, two in a front seat and two in a back seat. Each car is lifted to the top of an initial lift hill by an electrically driven chain that engages a pivot arm on the bottom of the car and pushes it to the top. Thereafter, the car proceeds down a curving inclined track propelled by gravity alone.

The accident occurred near the top of the initial lift hill when the car slipped from the chain and began to roll backwards, the report stated. The anti-rollback device failed to engage and the car accelerated backwards down the hill and around a sharp curve located at the bottom of the lift hill. The riders were thrown from the car as it traversed the curve. The report noted that the car was not designed to safely traverse so sharp a curve while traveling backwards at a high rate of speed.

The report also found that:

• The modified jaws were out of true to the rail, causing the toothed surfaces to make only partial contact with the rail, accelerating the wear.
• The low friction conditions that were present were caused by the partial engagement of the worn jaw teeth, the relative weakness of two modified springs used to keep the jaws in contact with the rail, and light oxidation on the rail.
• The manufacturer did not furnish the operator with wear tolerance or replacement schedules for the toothed jaws.
• The lap bar mechanism failed to function properly due to an incorrectly adjusted locking mechanism and a weak part.
• The car came loose from the chain drive because the pivot arm mechanism had not fully engaged the chain. This was due to a slight left/right misalignment of the car with the chain.

The Division of Codes and Standards has served notices of violation against Zamperla, the ride manufacturer, and the owners of the Wonderland Pier with penalties totaling $55,000.

In addition, the Department of Community Affairs will work with state lawmakers to develop new legislation to require greater accountability on the part of ride manufacturers, increase requirements for maintenance and testing of ride components, and increase the penalties for code violations.


More information on Twist and Shout:

Attraction Name: Twist and Shout

AKA: Wild Wonder Operated from 1999 to 8/28/1999 at Gillian's Wonderland Pier
Operating since 2000
Attraction Type: Wild Mouse
Attraction Builder: Zamperla, Inc.

Top Speed: 25 mph
Cars resemble '57 Chevy's

Ride Operator Hurt on Roller Coaster in England

7.29.06 - At Brighton Pier in Brighton, England a female worker was injured while she operated the Turbo roller coaster.

Apparently she slipped and had her leg trapped underneath one of the roller coaster cars. It took more than 15 Firefighters to free the woman using winches and cutters.

The woman was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Man Dead After Ride on Roller Coaster in Georgia


7.28.06 - In Austell, Georgia at Six Flags Over Georgia a 45-year-old man lost consciousness after riding the 200+ foot tall roller coaster, 'Goliath'. It is believed he may have had a pre-existing medical condition, which led to an apparent heart attack.

The ride was reopened to the public after an inspection by the state found it to be operating properly.

Girl, 11, Injured on Roller Coaster in Iowa

7.24.06 - At Adventureland Amusement Park in Altoona, Iowa, an 11-year old girl was hit in the head by a loose board that was placed on the side of the Tornado roller coaster. The board, however, was not part of the roller coaster.

Adventureland staff inspected the ride immediately after the accident and they could not find a problem with the ride. A Division of Labor, Iowa Workforce Development inspector checked out the ride as well and determined it was safe, too.

According to Adventureland, "the park's No. 1 one concern is guests' safety."

Man, 52, Dead After Ride on Busch Gardens Roller Coaster

7.24.06 - A 52-year old Florida man died after riding the 'Gwazi' roller coaster at Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida.

First Aid personnel at the park administered CPR, but the man died later at University Community Hospital.

Apparently, the man died of a heart attack.

[Staff Note]: Attraction received negative reviews from the public. More information below. Scoring a 1 out of 4. At this time we do not know what side the man was riding.

Gwazi Roller Coaster Information

Statement from Busch Gardens

July 25th, 2006

Busch Gardens is saddened that park guest Thomas Welch of Palm Harbor died after suffering an apparent heart attack while visiting the park on Monday, July 24. We extend our deepest sympathy to the Welch family.

Mr. Welch asked park attendants for assistance after exiting the Gwazi roller coaster. He was responsive when First Aid arrived two minutes later, but subsequently required CPR, which was initiated immediately. First Aid also applied an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to monitor Mr. Welch's heart activity.

Tampa Fire Rescue arrived about seven minutes later and transported Mr. Welch to University Community Hospital.

Gwazi is a double wooden roller coaster that opened in 1999. It reaches speeds of 50 mph over 3,400 feet of track. The coaster's safety systems indicated that the ride was operating normally, and it was reopened following Mr. Welch's transport to the hospital. Gwazi has safely entertained millions of riders in its seven-year history.

We will continue to do our utmost to provide a safe and enjoyable experience at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for the millions of guests who visit us each year.

2 Killed And 13 Injured When Inflatable Ride Blows Away

7.23.06 - In Chester-Le-Street, England,Two women were killed and 13 people were injured when they fell from a huge inflatable artwork after it broke its moorings and flew into the air in northern England.

At least 30 people were inside the walk-in exhibit when a gust of wind blew it into the air. The artwork, called the Dreamscape, is a massive inflatable structure of tunnels and connected rooms in which people can walk through.

The victims, aged 68 and 38, had been walking through the artwork with children when it took off. A three-year-old girl was seriously injured in the freak accident on Sunday, too.

Boy, 8, Dies After Ride on Carnival Ride in Michigan

7.22.06 - An 8-year-old died after going on a carnival ride at the Ionia Fair in Ionia, Michigan.

The death appears to be of natural causes.

The boy stopped breathing while he was on the "Fireball." Paramedics could not revive him after his father pulled him off the ride and began CPR. Like every ride at every fair in Michigan the "Fireball" is inspected once a year, last being inspected June 2nd.

Inspectors say there is nothing wrong with the ride, and the boy's family is awaiting the results of his autopsy.

Roller Coaster Collision at United Kingdom Amusement Park; 29 Injured

7.20.06 - At Alton Towers Theme Park in Alton, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, four people were taken to hospital and 25 others treated for cuts and bruises after an accident on the Runaway Mine Train roller coaster.

Apparently the front carriages of the ride became separated and rolled back into the rest of the ride at the park. It took between 30-40 minutes to empty the train which was full (46 riders) at the time.

The ride has been closed while the Health and Safety Executive and Alton Towers investigates the accident.

Here's some more information on the ride:

Attraction Name: Runaway Mine Train
Operating since 1992
Attraction Builder: Mack GmbH & Co.
Length: 1000'
Max Speed: 22 mph

Carnival Ride Malfunctions; 4 Injured

7.15.06 - In Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Norris Penrose Event Center a carnival ride crashed sending at least 4 people to the hospital.

The Hi-Roller came to a loud stop around 9 pm. Fire crews from the Colorado Springs area had to use heavy rescue techniques to cut some victims out of the ride. Medical personnel indicated that the injuries appeared minor, but 4 riders were taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons.

The Hi-Roller, spins around on a base and track, while the cars also move in a circle. The ride is operated by Bill Hames Show, Inc., of Fort Worth, Texas.

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Two Roller Coaster Trains Collide; 21 Injured

7.15.06 - At Lisberg amusement park in Goteborg, Sweden, two roller coaster trains collided on Saturday.

Officials are unclear what caused the accident. The park was closed after the accident, which happened shortly after 12pm Sweden time. None of the riders suffered serious injuries, though.

Officials are investigating the accident to try and figure out what went wrong.

Amusement Park Worker Shocked

7.13.06 - In Aurora, Ohio at Geauga Lake Amusement Park an electrician was attempting to diagnose an electrical problem when she apparently suffered burns to both of her hands during an electrical flash near the Pepsi Plunge attraction.

The woman was transported to an area hospital and later released. Officials at the park, though, are unsure what caused the electrical flash.

Amusement Safety Organization Releases 5 Incident Reports on Son of Beast Roller Coaster

"The safety organization raised the issue with Kings Island officials but got little reaction"

7.12.06 - Due to public response, we have decided to release 5 randomly selected incident reports sent to us here at Amusement Safety Organization.

After sending an e-mail to Kings Island regarding negative public feedback, the early closure of the ride in 2005, and injury concerns, the previous public relations manager at Kings Island asked us what we meant by, "the ride [Son of Beast] shutting down earlier this year." We followed up by simply asking Paramount's Kings Island to keep us up to date on what was being done to make sure the ride is safe, as it is our organization's goal to follow through with our reporting process as an independent organization [for the benefit and safety of the consumer and the parks]. No response from the park on that. Did they have something to hide?

"the April 2003 accident was the only one known to the state until Sunday."


Jason Herrera of Amusement Safety Organization sat down last August 24th, 2005 with the Ohio Amusement Ride Division Chief in his Reynoldsburg office to discuss issues that ASO had received from the public regarding Son of Beast, as well as other rides within Ohio amusement parks. We currently have 74 ride injury related summaries on Son of Beast. If the state of Ohio or Kings Island does not know about the issues that we have received, perhaps there was a break down in communication, or someone didn't do their job? We're not too hard to get a hold of. There has to be further reports somewhere at Kings Island regarding injuries sustained on Son of Beast. If we have 74 ride injury related summaries, Kings Island must have/know about them, too, right?

Boy, 7, Loses Legs in Water Park Accident

7.10.06 - In Quebec, Canada, a 7-year old boy was seriously injured in a swimming pool accident losing both legs below the knee, when the boy got caught in an intake pipe at the bottom of the pool

Apparently the boy was playing in a pool at the water park in Saint-Pie, about 30 miles east of Montreal, Canada. According to witnesses the little boy had his leg sucked into the tube, and when he got out of the pool 'he was missing a foot' and 'the other foot was attached by just a little skin.'

The boy's heart had stopped, but once pulled from the water and given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation his vital signs returned.

Woman, 35, Collapses After Riding Mission: Space

7.10.06 - A 35-year old woman lost consciousness while getting off The Mission: Space attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida. A ride, which 2 people have died on within the past year.

The woman told emergency personnel that she had tingling in her arms and hands. Apparently she has since been released from the hospital.

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27 People Injured on Son of Beast Roller Coaster in Ohio

7.9.2006 - In Mason, Ohio at Paramount's Kings Island, 27 people were injured when one of the cars came to a sudden stop. Many of those injured suffered chest and neck related injuries.

The ride issue happened around 4:45 p.m est.

The ride will remain closed while state officials and park officials inspect the ride and find out what went wrong.

UPDATE: A preliminary inspection has found that a splintered timber may have contributed to a sudden jolt that injured riders this past Sunday. According to inspectors, they are going to be focusing on the 'structural integrity' of the ride.

[Staff Note]:  This venue has had re-occurring problems with this attraction, the public submitted issue after issue to Amusement Safety Organization. Communication with Kings Island regarding this attraction did occur, but they have failed to acknowledge that this attraction has problems.

The accident on this attraction is not surprising, Amusement Safety Organization visited with state officials last year regarding this attraction, offering a sample of public comments regarding the attraction. Those comments indicated neck and back complaints, among other issues. More on this issue as it becomes available.

Two Girls Injured After Falling Out of Carnival Ride in Minnesota

7.8.2006 - In Hinckley, Minnesota at the Hinckley's Corn & Clover Carnival 2 girls fell about 25 feet from a popular carnival ride called, 'The Zipper.'

According to one witness, apparently  he looked up when he heard screaming from the ride only to see the ride spinning, the door to the ride swinging open, and then the girls falling out.

The has been shut down since and inspectors are going to determine the cause of the accident.

Child, 6, Dead After Drowning at Amusement Park in France

7.5.2006 - In Phailly, France A 6-year old Belgian boy  drowned  Wednesday afternoon in an artificial river that has pumps which imitate rapids. The boy was rescued, but could not be revived.  Members of the public looked on  while this was going down.

The small boy was part of a group of about one hundred Belgian children.

More information as it becomes available.

Rides Unsafe at Iowa Fair; State Inspectors Clean House

7.5.06 - In Logan, Iowa a carnival was cancelled due to some dangerous amusement rides.  Apparently the rides felt unsafe to some members of the community.

State inspectors from The Iowa Elevator, Boiler and Amusement Ride Bureau found numerous safety violations when looking over the amusement rides. There were problems with the tracks that support the rides and the connections that hold the rides onto the rails.  Photos also showed some electrical problems with the rides. One of the rides passed an inspection, though.

Officials asked the carnival owner to pack up, even though it was going to cost them $1800 (deposit).

Iowa state amusement ride inspectors  know where the carnival owner's next stop will be and apparently they'll be there waiting.

According to an official with the Chamber of Commerce, "you know those weren't the original rides that we signed the contracts for."

[Staff note]: A great job by the state of Iowa. Hopefully other state and county agencies follow their lead.

Man, 43, Dead After Drowning at Playland Amusement Park

7.4.06 - In Rye, New York, a 43-year old man drowned after wading into a lake at a Playland amusement park. He's the third person to die at the amusement park in the past three years.

Apparently the man, who was celebrating July Fourth at Playland Amusement Park with his wife and child waded into the man-made lake at Playland and began struggling in the water. The man was removed from the lake, which is apparently off-limits to swimmers, and he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

According to Playland officials the lake should be marked with "no swimming" signs, but officials indicated that park visitors sometimes take those signs down. At it's deepest point the lake is about 40 feet deep and is primarily used by paddle boaters and kayakers.

In 2004, a 7-year-old girl died after falling from the park's Mind Scrambler ride. That death, however, was due to the girl  freeing herself of her restraining bar.

Also, a 7-year-old boy was killed in 2005 when he climbed out of his boat ride and fell.

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Carnival Worker Electrocuted While Setting Up Ferris Wheel

7.3.06 - In Houston, Missouri a carnival worker was apparently electrocuted while setting up a Ferris wheel.

The man, 34, fell and got tangled up in a wire while setting up the Ferris wheel. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Apparently the carnival was operated by the deceased man's parents, who closed the carnival for about an hour after the accident and then resumed operation.

The deceased man's father told a co-chair of the event, "You paid for a show and you're going to get a show."

Disney Roller Coaster Death Due to Heart Defect

7.1.06 -  The 12-year-old boy who died after riding  Rock N' Roller coaster had a heart defect.

The ride was shut down for a day on Thursday after the boy, on vacation from Kentucky, fainted at the end of a ride he took with his father and brother.

His father tried to revive him, but failed.

According to the medical examiner they found no evidence of injury, however, congenital heart abnormalities were detected.

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Child Injured After Inflatable House Topples Over in Texas

7.1.06 - In The Colony, Texas heavy winds and rain caused an inflatable bounce house to topple over with children inside.

A small boy was injured and was taken to the hospital apparently with a broken arm.

Wind gusts up to 50-mph blew through the area subsequently toppling over tents and the bounce house. A number of children were separated from their parents during the accident, but were reunited with them.

12 Stuck Upside Down on Roller Coaster in Indiana

7.1.06 - At Fun Spot Amusement Park in Angola, Indiana, the 'Afterburner' roller coaster  stopped, trapping 12 riders upside down.

The riders were suspended about 40-50 feet in the air for about 35-40 minutes while fire crews worked to free them.

5 people, however, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Fun Spot Amusement Park officials shut down the roller coaster.

Afterburner has a single train with 4 cars. Seats are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 16 potential riders. The ride was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics.

Boy, 12, Dead After Ride on Disney Roller Coaster

6.29.06 - At Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida a 12-year-old boy died Thursday after riding the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

The child complained about being ill after the ride and went to an area hospital where he died. The state Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection has also been notified and will observe the inspection and review of the attraction.

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Statement from Walt Disney World Resort

June 29, 2006

A 12-year-old male Guest was transported by ambulance to Celebration Hospital today at approximately 11:30 after riding Rock 'N' Roller Coaster. We subsequently learned that he passed away.

We offer the family our deepest sympathies. A company representative is with them providing assistance.

We have closed the attraction pending an investigation. An initial review of the attraction shows the ride was operating normally. We have notified Orange County law enforcement. The state Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection has also been notified and will observe the inspection and review of the attraction.

Boy, 10, Injured on Roller Coaster

6.28.06 -  In Seoul, Korea at Lotte World, a 10-year-old boy was injured Tuesday when a ceiling tile fell on his head during a roller coaster ride.

One of the 30-centimeter square tiles on the ceiling above the tracks of Lotte World's 'Fantasy Dream' an indoor roller coaster built for children, fell on to the head of the boy. The boy was immediately taken to the park's medical room suffering small cuts and bruising to his head. The situation could have been much worse, however,  apparently the fallen tile had protruding nails on both sides

Back in March, a 28-year-old man was killed after falling off one of Lotte World's roller coasters. Close circuit television (CCTV) images revealed park operators failed to check passengers' safety belts before the ride.

Lotte World was forced to temporarily close the park just weeks later, when dozens of people were injured in a stampede after park operators allowed free admission, intended as a public apology over the roller coaster death. Three park operators were charged by police after the roller coaster death and stampede.

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Boy,7, Girl, 5, Injured After Fall From Ferris Wheel in Ohio

6.25.06 - Two children fell 25 to 30 feet from the Ferris wheel at Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia, Ohio on Sunday.

The children fell out of the roof of the gondola in which they were riding. Apparently the riding car or gondola of the Ferris wheel  locked up, tilting upside down as the Ferris wheel moved. That sent the girl falling about 20 feet to the ground and the boy falling to the canvass top of the lower gondola, where he held on and was rescued.

Both children are in fair condition at Akron Children's Hospital.

(Photo courtesy )

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Roller Coaster Stops Mid-Ride in Virginia; 15 Stranded

6.23.06 - Two people were injured and 15 were stranded when the 'Volcano: The Blast Coaster' stopped mid-ride Friday evening at Paramount's Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. A park spokesperson said the roller coaster stopped around 5:15pm eastern time.

The coaster had just pulled away from the station when it rolled back,  leaving the passengers stranded 12 feet above ground.

A 24-year-old man from Utah received a cut above his eye, and a 12-year-old boy from North Carolina complained of a sore leg. According to one of the riders they heard a loud pop and "there was stuff flying" when the incident occurred.

It took park workers and members of the Hanover County Fire Department more than two hours to remove everyone in heavy rains and lightning that drenched the area just south of the park.

Volcano: The Blast Coaster debuted in 1998, reaching speeds of 70mph. The ride will remain closed while park officials investigate what caused it to malfunction.

ASO Attends Lompoc Flower Festival; Unsafe Issues Observed

6.23.06 - Between the hours of 6:30pm-7:30pm, ASO staffers visited the Lompoc Flower Festival. 3 issues really jumped out at them:

  • Exposed wires and parts left out all over the walk way leading out of the carnival. Apparently, the Kamikaze attraction was non-operational, however, someone decided to leave tools and exposed wires lying around on the walk way.
  • 2 amusement rides had fire extinguishers missing. Either someone decided to walk away with them to use them or perhaps they somehow 'forgot' to put them out.
  • The Graviton attraction looked like it had just been through a hurricane [broken light bulbs, missing light bulbs, broken beams, etc...]. The attendant was alerted several times due to a wobbling of the attraction, a really odd wave type sway about it as it moved through it's cycle. Public concern was obvious, whether or not this was a serious issue, it should have been looked into. The ride operator was notified three (3) times about this issue within a 10 min time frame, so what did he do? He let on about 11 children during the next ride cycle. Would have been more, but  parents were alerted regarding the issue at hand and they subsequently pulled their kids. In the end, the ride operator did not speak English. It begs the question, "How could he ensure the safety of any rider with an issue on this ride if he does not understand what they are saying?"

Other issues were observed, too, but clearly Butler Amusement is aware of them and if they are not, well...

ASO will be back to visit this venue again on Saturday, to see if any corrections have been made.

Related Butler Amusement Alerts:

Butler Amusement to Operate Carnival Rides in Santa Barbara County; Lompoc Flower Festival June 21st-25th & Santa Barbara County Fair July 12th-16th

6.21.06 - After the death of a child on the 'Giant Wheel' amusement ride this past Sunday, Butler Amusement has set up a carnival midway in Lompoc, California, which is about 50 miles north of Amusement Safety Organization headquarters, which are in Montecito, California.

We have alerted officials to past incidents with Butler Amusement, but they have ignored our information, if they're ignoring our information, are they ignoring your safety, too?

Here are some helpful tips if you plan on attending the Lompoc Flower Festival:

  • Never assume your safety on an amusement ride: Perform your own observation/inspection. Look around, is the ride operator watching the safety of the riders or too busy smoking a cigarette and talking to people?
  • Secure yourself on rides: Re-check your restraints. Pull on them to ensure that they're locked. Visually observe your restraint to see if anything is wrong. If something is wrong, alert the ride operator and get them to fix it, if they cannot or are unsure of what to do, get off of the ride. Alert the carnival operator director about the problem.

Related Butler Amusement Alerts:

Girl, 4, Gets Stuck on Ride at Universal - Orlando

6.19.06 - A Universal Studio park ride will reopen Tuesday -- a day after a 4-year-old girl was injured getting off the roller coaster.

A park spokesman says the girl, who is not being identified, was taken to the hospital to treat cuts to her foot.

Apparently the girl's foot got stuck in between the coaster and a platform of the 'Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster'. Her foot was later freed, but the roller coaster was closed for the rest of the day while Universal inspected the ride to ensure that it was safe to re-open to the public.  

Child, 6, Killed After Fall From Ferris Wheel

6.19.06 - A 6-year-old boy fell to his death while riding a Ferris wheel at the San Joaquin County Fair in Stockton.

The boy was riding alone on the 'Giant Wheel' when he got scared and tried to crawl out only to find himself hanging 90 feet in the air.

The boy's family was waiting for him on the ground when the tragedy happened. Onlookers say the boy hung on for about a minute and then let go.

The boy was transported to the hospital where medical staff pronounced him deceased. A Butler Amusement official said, "We put up all signs to keep it safe."

The Giant Wheel has been closed while Stockton police and Cal OSHA investigate. They will be looking at the ride's safety and if any operator negligence is involved. The operator is Butler Amusement.

Butler Amusement has carnivals in the works for the following cities in 2006:
June 14th - 18th

Shasta District Fair

June 14th - 25th

San Joaquin County Fair

June 21st - 25th

Lompoc Valley Flower Festival

June 23rd - July 9th

Alameda County Fair

June 30th - July 4th

Marin County Fair


July 12th - 16th

Santa Barbara County Fair

July 14th - 23rd

California Rodeo Salinas

July 18th - 23rd

Merced County Fair

July 18th - 25th

Jackson County Fair

July 25th - 29th

Coos County Fair

July 27th - 29th

Bite of Salem

July 28th - August 6th

Stanislaus County Fair


August 4th - 6th

Santa Clara County Fair

August 4th - 13th

Clark County Fair

August 9th - 13th

Nevada County Fair

August 10th - 13th

Redwood Empire Fair

August 15th - 20th

Southwest Washington Fair

August 18th - 27th

Western Idaho Fair

August 24th - September 4th

Evergreen State Fair

August 31st - September 3rd

Lake County Fair

August 31st - September 4th

Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair


September 2nd - 9th

Eastern Idaho State Fair

September 7th - 10th

Gold County Fair

September 8th - 17th

Spokane Interstate Fair

September 14th - 17th

Lodi Grape Festival & Harvest Fair

September 20th - October 1st

Kern County Fair

September 22nd - October 1st

Central Washington State Fair


October 6th - 15th

Southern California Fair


Amusement Ride Strikes Employee in the Head

6.18.06 - At the Red River Exhibition in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a 31 year old man was struck by a spinning car on the new Crazy Mouse ride, suffering a skull fracture on Saturday evening.

Witnesses says the man, an employee of North American Midway Entertainment, had been working around the Crazy Mouse roller-coaster when he was hit.

The ride was inspected by provincial health and safety inspectors and re-opened on Sunday.

The Red River Exhibition is the first Canadian appearance for the new ride.

Disney Facing Lawsuit For Death on 'Mission: Space' Attraction

6.14.06 - The family of 4-year old Daudi Bamuwamye, the boy who died on the 'Mission: Space' attraction at Epcot, announced they were filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Walt Disney World.

The boy died on June 13, 2005. The family says that Disney didn't do enough to warn visitors of the ride's hazards and that the park shouldn't have allowed a boy as small as their son to board. They're also questioning why paramedics did not use a portable defibrillator, which their attorney claims, could've helped the boy.

An autopsy later showed that the 4-year-old died from a rare heart condition.

Related Stories:

4 Children Injured After Inflatable Ride Topples Sending Them Into The Street

6.11.06 - 4 children in La Mirada, California, ranging in age from 5-8 were hospitalized Saturday after being injured when an inflatable bounce house that they were playing atop of toppled, sending them tumbling out onto a street.

One of the children was knocked unconscious and airlifted to an area hospital in critical condition. The other three children were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries.

Child, 10, Knocked Out Cold While Riding Tornado at Six Flags Great America

6.10.06 - A ten-year-old girl left Six Flags Great America Wednesday with a nearly 3-inch gash in her head and no memory of the water ride that sent her to the hospital.

On Wednesday afternoon, the girl was on a field trip with students from her school when she and her friend rode the Tornado water attraction.

The girl had a concussion, short-term memory loss and cut sutured by a plastic surgeon.

After the accident the park closed the ride, called the manufacturer and tested it. All of this according to the parks spokesman.

A Six Flags Great America spokesperson indicated, "When you are in the business of fun, you have to have a safe product," they also said, "Safety is a top priority."

The spokesperson also said of the injury, ""It was really kind of a minor thing," which begs the question, when did the Six Flags Great America spokesperson become a doctor and begin assessing guest injuries, too?

Knott's Berry Farm Attraction to Use Over-the-Shoulder Restraints

6.10.06 - After having a rider fall to their death on the Perilous Plunge attraction in 2001, Knott's Berry Farm "fixed" the problem by installing a four point restraint system. Unfortunately, putting on a wet four point restraint is something that not a lot of riders enjoyed. Also, dispatch times were sometimes upwards of 10 minutes. In other words, a lot of people were not happy.

According to sources at Knott's Berry Farm that is no more, the park has now in it's possession two new boats that will utilize an over-the-shoulder restraint system.

In 2004 at Oakwood Theme Park in, Narberth, West Wales, a girl was ejected from their version of the ride; 'Hydro'. The Hydro ride was closed at Oakwood for nearly a year following the death but it reopened after changes recommended by the Health and Safety Executive were made.

The ride now has over-the-shoulder harnesses instead of lap harnesses and has a new lock system.

In 2001 a 40-year old woman was ejected from the Perilous Plunge attraction at Knott's Berry Farm. The woman fell more than 100 feet to her death.

The woman fell out of her boat during its plunge down into the chute, she was treated at the scene and rushed to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

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Boy Falls Out of Amusement Ride in Louisiana

6.9.06 - A 3- to 5-year-old boy fell from a ride called Over the Rainbow about 8 p.m. Friday. The boy suffered moderate injuries.

A woman who witnessed the incident said that she saw the boy fall from about 30 feet and that he landed on grass.

Apparently a park patron ran to try to catch the boy, but could not. The patron administered CPR, reviving the boy, who subsequently coughed up blood.

State inspectors inspected emergency brakes, seat belts, lap belts and the ride’s speed and did not notice any problems with the 'Over the Rainbow' attraction.

Rider Stuck on Carnival Ride in New Jersey


6.8.06 - New Jersey State ride safety officials will be busy following some trouble at a church carnival in South Jersey.

Thursday night, a ride got stuck up in the air with someone in it.

The Egg Harbor Township Fire Department brought in a ladder to help bring the rider down.


The rider was not hurt, however, state officials will be checking the ride to ensure that it is safe for operation.

Public Sounds Off on Amusement Safety in Minnesota

5.29.06 - The public has been contacting Amusement Safety Organization regarding a recent accident in Minnesota. Rather than steer off the beaten path and use it as a chance to glorify the implementation of federal regulation, we'll share with you some replies from the public in North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are saying. Would federal regulation change anyone of these people and their thoughts? We highly doubt it. It would, however, create unneeded national panic. Now use this accident as a chance to implement a state ride safety program and that'd be more beneficial. Keep it to the states to implement. Let them form relationships with the parks in their states and work on improving amusement safety on the state level. There needs to be some oversight, but not on the federal level.


Dear ASO staff,

I will continue to take my family to Valleyfair, but, I will also be more careful when I take them. I just found your website after reading about it within the Pioneer Press and I plan on checking it out more often to see what is going on with Valleyfair!
Keep up the unbelievable work!

Bloomington, MN

Not too sure if I can trust Valleyfair after this recent accident, seems as if someone was not doing their job. Until then, I am staying away.

St. Paul, MN


I have always been afraid of roller coasters and to hear about something like this, it only scares me more. I can never visit Valleyfair again, perhaps, I am the next one to get hurt on one of their rides?


Minot, ND



Is Valleyfair an unsafe place? No, I do not think so. I have been visiting the place every summer since I was 16. I will be the first in line when Wild Thing re-opens. I cannot believe that this park would purposely send a ride out that they knew was unsafe. Just a freak accident.



Madison, WI



Just an accident, could of happened anywhere. If happens again, though, then the park should be more closely scrutinized. Give Valleyfair a break!



Hutchinson, MN



Give me a break! Valleyfair is a safe place, I take my kids there 4-5 times a year. What does bother me? Well, the incident regarding ADA issues.



Eau Claire, WI

Mounting Bracket Reason Behind Valleyfair! Accident

5.26.06 -  A failed mounting bracket caused last weekend's roller coaster accident at Valleyfair that injured 18 people.

The accident on the Wild Thing roller coaster happened when its train was braking as it approached the exit station Sunday afternoon. Inspectors determined that the accident was caused by a faulty mounting bracket that supports the brakes.


Statement from Valleyfair!


Contact: Bill Von Bank, 952-496-5290

Wild Thing Re-opens to the Public Today

(Shakopee, MN) Thursday, June 1, 2006 – After an extensive inspection, repair and testing, Wild Thing will re-open to the public today.

“The inspection team didn’t limit themselves from detecting all possible contributing factors to the incident,” notes Tip Harrison, Valleyfair’s physical plant director. “As a result, all brakes in the slow-down area of the track were removed from the ride, completely disassembled, inspected and non-destructive tested. Brakes were re-installed under the supervision of the inspection team and in accordance with American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and engineering standards.”

The inspection team consisted of Valleyfair maintenance, the ride manufacturer representative and two prominent Twin Cities engineering firms.

“We’re excited for the return of Wild Thing,” states Larry MacKenzie, Valleyfair’s vice-president and general manager. “It has been a prominent fixture of our park for the past 10 years.”

Since 1996, more than 13 million rides have been given on Wild Thing.

Valleyfair, the upper Midwest’s largest amusement park, is owned and operated by Cedar Fair, L.P., a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” In addition to Valleyfair, Cedar Fair owns and operates six other amusement parks, five water parks and one indoor water park resort.

Editor’s Note: In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, it is important to note that the car that separated from the ride train on May 21 never turned over, tipped over or flew off the track. The car stopped to a tilt. No person ever flew out of or fell out of any of the cars.


Accident at Valleyfair! Amusement Park; 18 Injured on 'Wild Thing'

5.21.06 - A rollercoaster at Valleyfair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota had a bit of a mishap during a breaking sequence at the end of the ride, the last car went off the track and came to rest tipped partially on its side. The car did not fall to the ground.

Fourteen of the victims were transported to St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee, Minnesota, indicated a park spokesperson.                                                                                                                                      

[Staff Note]: Perhaps, three other parks with roller coasters similar to Wild Thing, Steel Force at Dorney Park, Allentown, PA (which was just recently closed due to a broken lift chain) and Mamba at Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO, and Steel Eel at SeaWorld San Antonio, Texas will be shut down, too.

Must also be noted that the public has showed concern regarding the Mamba roller coaster at Worlds of Fun to ASO, however, the park failed to reply to those concerns.

The manufacture of this ride, D.H. Morgan Manufacturing of La Selva Beach, California had another roller coaster, 'Steel Dragon 2000' seriously injure 2 people after the front car of a roller coaster's train lost several of its wheels and derailed back in 2003. The wheels disengaged from the right side of the front car shortly after the ride had opened for the day.

One of the riders suffered a broken hip. An unlucky man was in a nearby swimming pool and was struck when one of the wheels which had disengaged from the vehicle hit him.
The ride is located at Nagashima Spa Land, Nagashima, Kuwana Mie 511-1135 Japan.

The ride included a 306' 9" foot initial drop and reached speeds of 95mph, to this day it is still non-operational.

Jury Reaches 'Neutral' Narrative Verdict Regarding 2004 Death of 16 year Old Girl on 'Hydro'

5.21.06 - The grieving family of a schoolgirl who died after plunging 100ft from a white knuckle ride, walked out today after an inquest jury recorded a 'neutral' narrative verdict into her death.

The girl , 16, of Wales, was ejected from the top of the spectacular Hydro ride as it began an almost vertical descent into a plunge pool. It happened at Oakwood Theme Park, Narberth, West Wales, in April 2004 as horrified visitors looked on.

The girl's mother, stormed out of the inquest when the coroner specifically ruled out unlawful killing as a possible verdict. Coroner Michael Howells said he had concluded that the evidence over the course of the four-day inquest did not support a view that death had been as a result of gross negligence.

Outside of the courtroom the girl's mother asked, "What the hell is wrong with them?" "I don't believe it."

Theme park chief executive Patrick McNamara said after the verdict that Oakwood had the highest safety standards. Yet he "somehow forgot to mention," the 2 ride operators who were in charge of this girls safety when she boarded the Hydro ride acknowledged that they had failed to physically check the individual passenger seat belts and critical lap-bar restraints, as instructed.

One ride operator claimed he had had only 20 minutes supervised training on the ride before taking charge of it for the first time on the day of the tragedy.

The other said she had never had any supervised training on it at all.

Yet both ride operators had signed an operators safety manual, which clearly stated that physical checks should be made,  and they were to sign to say they had read and understood it.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage taken at the ride before its 24-seater ride boat left clearly showed that girl's lap-bar was in an "open and unsafe position."

An over-the-shoulder restraint has now been put in place, which prevents the ride boat from leaving unless it is secure.

Indiana Beach Amusement Park Sued

5.21.06 - A day at Indiana Beach  turned into a nightmare for a woman who fell off the Indiana Beach Sky Ride when the ride began last summer.

The woman didn’t have enough time to get onto the seat but it was too late to get off the ride, so she clung to the chair safety bars, according to a civil complaint filed Thursday in Hammond, Indiana federal court.

The woman was carried past the edge of the platform as she held onto the ride, but she lost her grip, falling 15 to 20 feet to the ground, and suffered numerous injuries including a concussion, lung contusion, a collapsed lung, multiple spinal fractures, a pelvic fracture and rib fractures, according to her compliant.

The woman sued the Indiana Beach amusement park and the chair lift employee for $7.5 million because, according to her suit,  "her injury could have been prevented."

Instead of pulling the emergency stop button when the ride operator realized the woman wasn’t inside the moving ride, the ride operator allegedly screamed for help and phoned officials at the other end of the park.

Man, 56, Decapitated at Family Fun Park

5.16.06 - A man, 56, was killed instantly when the train he was traveling on went into a tunnel at Gulliver's Theme Park in Milton Keynes, Buck, England and decapitated him.

The man was carrying out daily safety checks on the attraction.

A park spokesman said, "We would like to express our deepest sympathy for the family and friends following this tragic accident."

He also called the accident, "unprecedented in our history." Yet It is the second death to have happened at a Gulliver’s theme park. In 2002,  a disabled 15-year-old girl died from head injuries when she fell from a Ferris wheel at the Gulliver's Theme Park in Warrington, England.

Carnival Industry and Illinois Town Clash

5.15.06 - Algonquin, Illinois trustees may intensify background check requirements for carnival employees, to weed out those with recent criminal records.

Carnival groups back a state law mandating background checks, however, they say that Algonquin Village's proposal discriminates against their industry, costs too much, and could help set off a string of new ordinances.

Overall, Bob Johnson, president and CEO of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association of Orlando, said the industry has a bad reputation, which they partly blame for why they’re receiving the brunt of the criticism.

Art Kozak, general manager of St. Charles-based Windy City Amusements, which runs several carnivals in Algonquin every year, said it’s unreasonable for Algonquin to require each employee be fingerprinted, and have a spotless criminal record for at least five years.

Evolution Ride Strands Riders 60 Feet in The Air Upside Down

5.14.06 - Scared riders were left hanging upside down 60ft up when the ride jammed.

A woman, 37, passed out as she and 16 other riders were stuck at the top of the Evolution thrill ride for six minutes at Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Staff in safety harnesses had to climb up and use manual controls to bring the ride down.

The ride which seats 40 in 10 carriages, was shut down, but has since been re-opened. It is thought to have automatically locked during a power cut.

A Pleasure Beach official said, "We have a very good safety record."

[Staff note]: Well of course they would say they have a good safety record, what else would you expect them to say? Much like the public, we only believe such statements with Health and Safety Executive documentation present.

Busch Gardens Tampa And Mother Dispute Injury

5.13.06 - A little girl's mother says a slip and fall on a Busch Gardens' Stanley Falls log flume water ride six years ago left her child with a limp and in possible need of a hip replacement, according to her federal lawsuit.


Busch Gardens officials contest that the girl's medical needs are mainly caused by a pre-existing weight problem. The girl, now 12 years of age weighed 108 pounds at age 6 when the accident occurred.

After several years of litigation and mediation, Busch Gardens decided to settle with the girl's family for $165,000. But the girl's mother has reconsidered accepting it, after she found out that the girl's future medical bills could exceed that amount.  

Medical experts for both sides in the case said that a contributing factor to this occurring in young children is obesity

Fireworks at Universal Orlando Causes Fire

5.8.06 - Three trucks used to launch fireworks displays at Universal Studios caught fire.

Flames on the flatbed trailers started around 4 a.m. and were extinguished in about an hour by firefighters.

No one was injured and the theme park was scheduled to opened in time to thrill guests.

Officials believe some heat from a mortar tube may have caused the fire.

3 Boys Injured After Carnival Ride Topples Into a Sinkhole (ASO - Safety)

5.7.06 -  Three boys were taken to the hospital Saturday after they and nine other children were rescued from a carnival ride that toppled into a sinkhole at a Cinco de Mayo event at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Firefighters secured the ride to ensure there was no further damage or injuries. Some of the children were hanging 15 feet above the ground as they awaited rescue.

She said the children were comfortable during the ordeal as the ride requires them to lay face down on their stomachs.

Three boys, ages 5, 6 and  7, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The Kite Flyer and other mechanical rides at the festival were closed because the fire department feared there were more sinkholes in the parking lot.

The carnival was operated by Paul Maurer's Shows.

Electrical Accident at Six Flags Fiesta Texas; 2 Employees Injured

5.5.06 - Two workers at Six Flags Fiesta Texas were severely burned Thursday night after an electrical panel they were working on malfunctioned.

The electrical subcontractors were shocked while working on an electrical panel on a service road inside the park. Both men suffered second- and third-degree burns to their faces and arms.

The park was not open to guests because of off-season hours.

Another Carnival Accident in England; Four Teens Injured (ASO - Safety)


5.5.06 - Four teenagers were injured, one of them seriously, when part of a Waltzer flew off and struck them at a fairground in England. The teens were standing near the ride as it was being operated at the fair.

One of the four suffered a serious leg injury in the accident on Friday night, which is now being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive.

According to one of the teenagers who was hit by part of the ride's structure, the ride became detached as it was in operation.

Orbiter Ride Crashes at England Fair; Two Hurt (ASO - Safety)

5.5.06 - Two women were recovering in hospital yesterday after an accident on a fairground ride. The two, ages 25 and 26, suffered head, neck and back injuries when the car they were in came off the spinning Orbiter ride. They were thrown from the carriage as it slammed into a fast-food stall at a traveling fair in Moxley Park in England.

The injuries were not thought to be life threatening.

Major Amusement Parks Open For The Season (ASO - Traveler & ASO - Safety)

5.5.06 - Cedar Point, Six Flags Great America, Paramount's Kings Island, among many more amusement parks have either opened or will be opening their gates for the 2006 season. Below we will highlight some of the venues we will be watching or have received large volumes of inquires, complaints, compliments, etc...

  • In Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point amusement park will be cutting prices on tickets and food. While a good idea, members of the public from Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana decried this venue in 2005. Cheaper prices (or as we call it, "Utilizing the Wal-Mart method), while a better value than ever, will the cost cutting benefit this venue? We'll be following this and will have a Venue Line Report on Cedar Point later this summer.
  • Inquires from the public in Evansville, Indiana regarding Holiday World amusement park have allowed us to focus in on what they have going on this year. ASO - Associate, Matt Keatts will be visiting Holiday World May 26-27th. We'll have more information June 2006.
  • Paramount's Kings Island's Son of Beast roller coaster seems to be under some type of re-tracking work. A roller coaster that was just crucified by the public seems to be getting some work done, perhaps this will be an end to the complaints and injuries? When questioned about the safety of this ride, this venue decided to play the, "we don't know what you're talking about game." This is an issue we'll be following closely and will have more information when the ride re-opens. According to workers who have contacted ASO, this ride should open Mid-May. Venue Line Report on Paramount's Kings Island later this summer.
  • Six Flags Great America, one of the more positively rated Six Flags venues opened April 29th and much like last year, there was a good deal of praise. Much like all Six Flags Parks this year, costumed characters were present and the overall atmosphere of this venue was positive. We look for good things from this venue. Venue Line Report on Six Flags Great America later this summer.
Mission: Space to be Tamed Down; Disney Officials Say Changes Not Due to Recent Death (ASO - Safety)

5.3.06 - Epcot will offer a tamer version of the attraction thrill ride Mission Space. The announcement comes less than three weeks after a woman became ill on the ride and later died.

The 100 million dollar Epcot attraction spins riders in a centrifuge that subjects them to twice the normal force of gravity. The alternative version is slated to start this summer and will run alongside the original ride. It will not have a spinning centrifuge.

Disney officials said the decision had nothing to do with a recent death on Mission: Space.

Related stories:

Two Year Old, OK After Fall From Amusement Ride in Washington State (ASO - Safety)

5.1.06 - A 2½-year-old boy was airlifted to a Seattle hospital on Sunday after he fell out of an amusement ride car and was run over by other cars at the JeffCo Expo.

The boy sat in a 70-pound to 80-pound car that was part of a carousel-like amusement ride at the exposition at Jefferson County Fairgrounds. His mother, watched as her little boy smiled and waved at her each time he passed. But when the boy began to stand in his car, his mother knew something was wrong. The little boy lost his balance and was struck by 3 to 4 cars.

According to witnesses, the little boy's foot became caught under one of the cars and he was dragged under it as his mother was trying to pull him from the ride.

The nine-car ride had no seat belts.

Amusement Safety Bills Offered in New York (ASO - Safety)

4.25.06 - Under a bill made public Monday, children younger than 11 would not  be allowed to ride alone on amusement park attractions that take them out of the line of sight of ride operators.

The bill would impose the age requirement when "all participants are not visible to the person in charge" during the ride. The other bills would establish an amusement park safety advisory board, increase penalties for violations, create a database to track inspections and safety records, begin a public awareness campaign on safety and bring state standards for amusement devices into line with national standards.

This is indeed a good step, however, how will ride operators be able to tell who's 11 years of age and who is not?

Butler Amusements to Operate Carnival Rides at Santa Barbara Fair & Expo; ASO Alerts Community of Santa Barbara

4.20.06 -  Our neighbors and friends in Santa Barbara have been asking a lot of questions regarding this years Santa Barbara Fair & Expo. Many asking the simple question, "are the rides safe?" We have come across three (3) incidents associated with Butler Amusements. Read through them, and form your own opinion on whether or not you want your loved ones riding amusement rides this year at the Santa Barbara Fair & Expo...

  • July 2000 - San Jose, California, a 35-year-old man and his 32-year old wife were seriously injured after cables on a swing ride broke sending the two 50 feet through the air onto hard pavement. Whirlwind (The amusement ride in question) has two-passenger swings, which circle through the air around a rotating and tilting tower. Read the state report on this incident here (PDF).
  • August 2001 - Seven people were injured after a hydraulic pump on an amusement ride exploded. The victims, six who happened to be carnival employees, received burns and wounds from hot fluid and debris which exploded into the air.
    The ride, called the Star Dancer, is owned and operated by Butler Amusements of Fairfield, California. The carnival took place at The  Clark County Fair in Ridgefield, Washington.
  • September 2003 - Four people were trapped on a roller coaster some 25+ feet off the ground when one of the wheels underneath their car jumped a rail. The ride is owned and operated by Butler Amusements of Fairfield, California. The carnival took place at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, Washington.

Buzz Lightyear Disneyland; Short Tempers and Near Fights (ASO - Safety)

4.18.06 - After your ride on Buzz Lightyear, you may want to pass up the chance at emailing yourself on ride pictures. Way too many out-of-control elements involved with emailing your pictures have led to some safety concerns.

Available to exiting riders are screens that allow riders  to email themselves pictures of their time on Buzz Lightyear. However, too many inconsiderate riders email themselves 2,3,4 pictures, creating even longer lines and shorter tempers at the exit. More of a personal safety issue than anything, Disney should take a look at this issue before there is a some type of confrontation (if there has not been one yet). For now, though, be careful and if the lines are short yourself a picture and be considerate - you can always forward the picture once you get home.

Carnival Rides Collide at Tucson, Arizona Fair (ASO - Safety)

4.16.06 - Three people are recovering from injuries received in a carnival ride accident. The three were hurt when the cage from one ride hit the other at the carnival in the Southgate Shopping Center near I-19 and Valencia Road. A man who was on one of the rides and two carnival workers were taken to the hospital,  One women needed a few stitches in her right big toe, as well.

Officials with the carnival ride company say the situation occurred when one of the rides swung away from its base, and have closed the ride until it is inspected.

The rest of the rides remained operational.

Bleeding of the Brain Reason Behind Woman's Death at EPCOT (ASO - Safety)

4.14.06 - The medical examiner assigned to the case of a German woman, who fell ill after going on a ride at Walt Disney World, determined she died from bleeding of the brain.

Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Orange-Osceola chief medical examiner says, Hiltrud Bluemel, 49, also had severe, long-standing high blood pressure.

An examination of the body also did not yield any evidence of bodily injuries.

Another Death on Mission: Space (ASO - Safety)

4.12.06 - A 49-year-old woman from Germany died Wednesday after riding Walt Disney World's Mission:Space ride, the second death in less than a year associated with the signature thrill ride.

The woman died at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, where she was taken Tuesday after becoming sick following the mock space flight at Epcot, according to a statement released late Wednesday by the theme park.

More information as it becomes available to us. Thank you for the heads up to the public who were at the park today and alerting us!

Stampede! 35 Injured at Lotte World Park in South Korea (ASO - Safety)

03.25.06: Some 35 people, including teenagers, were injured in a stampede for free admission passes at a South Korean amusement park today, police said. The accident occurred when some 50,000 people, mostly students, crammed the entrances to the Lotte World park in southern Seoul to grab 35,000 free passes, police said --- adding that no deaths were reported.

Watch Out! Public Outrage; Patrons Complain About Speeding Cars at Magic Mountain (ASO - Safety)

03.24.06: Leaving Magic Mountain for the day? Well, be on the alert. Amusement Safety Organization has received complaints regarding speeding cars leaving this venues parking lot. Near clips, hits, and drivers slamming on their brakes, not too uncommon. Be cautious when walking to your car. If you have children, please make sure to keep them close to you and watch yourself!

Pscyclone Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain; Back Pain Complaints Rampant (ASO - Safety)

03.24.06: Pscyclone roller coaster has been decried by the public...Reported injuries have aimed at neck and back pain associated with riding this attraction. The public has indicated a ride so rough and jerky that they were more concerned with holding on and making it through the ride, than enjoying the experience. A majority of the complaints have been coming from patrons who rode this roller coaster in the back of the train.

UPDATE! Statement Released by Six Flags Regarding The Texas Tornado Ride Accident

03.13.06: At approximately 6:10 p.m. Sunday, March 12, the Texas Tornado, which is a circular swing ride, experienced the failure of one of the mechanical bearings at the top of the ride.  Emergency protocol was followed to the letter and the backup safety system went into action.  The safety mechanism stopped the rotation and the ride was lowered abruptly causing it to come down at a faster rate. This action led to some of the ride chairs being jarred.

Seven guests were taken to First Aid with minor injuries.

One adult female who complained of back pain was taken to an area hospital for evaluation.  The Texas Tornado is currently closed pending a complete and thorough inspection and repair.

High Court in Connecticut  Rules Against Worker Killed by Roller Coaster (ASO - Safety)

03.08.06: An amusement park worker who was killed by a roller coaster at Lake Compounce amusement parks is not entitled to damages beyond his workers' compensation benefits, ruled a high court in Connecticut.

Wilfredo Martinez  was struck and killed by the "Boulder Dash" roller coaster while he was performing lawn maintenance at Lake Compounce theme park in Bristol, Conn. On the morning of June 13, 2001, a grounds manager told Martinez to cut grass and weeds beneath the Boulder Dash using a gasoline-powered weed cutter, according to the suit.

While cutting weeds beneath the Boulder Dash (which has a top speed of more than 65mph) a ride mechanic began testing the roller coaster – unaware that Martinez was under the tracks, the lawsuit contends.

Cypress Gardens Sued by Family (ASO - Safety)

03.07.06: ASO - Safety is reporting that the parents of a 13-year-old boy who fell out of the Triple Hurricane roller coaster on Feb. 25 and received injuries that have left him disabled  are suing the amusement park for negligence.

Reports say that the boy was turned around and facing the seats behind him as the train approached a sharp right turn. Doing so, caused the 13-year-old to fall 10 to 12 feet.

Lotte Coaster Death Due to Disregard of Safety Rules (Via ASO - Safety)

03.07.06: ASO - Safety is reporting that a Seoul amusement park safety supervisor at Lotte World is going to be charged with negligence over the death of an employee who fell from a roller coaster this past Monday.

The ride was started before the employee had secured himself with the seat belts and safety bars. Staff did not check to see if he was secured in the ride. To make matters worse the victim was said to have been drunk.

Jury in Ohio Rules Against Six Flags For $3.6 Million (ASO - Safety)

03.07.06: ASO - Safety is reporting that Terry Wang suffered a fractured skull and a broken nose when she was riding on The Villain roller coaster in July 2000. Ms. Wang, 44, was awarded $1.1 million for medical expenses and $2.5 million for punitive damages. Many have cried foul regarding this decision, but Six Flags was negligent because it knew people had thrown rocks at the ride before the accident occurred but did not protect riders.

The park is now owned by Cedar Fair and is known as Geauga Lake Amusement Park. A venue, which was negatively rated by the public in 2005.

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