2011 Accidents & News

Child, 4, Injured on Ride


11.2.11 - At the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport, Louisiana, a four-year-old boy was injured on the Demolition Derby ride when he wound up trapped underneath it.

Rescuers were called and were able to get the boy from underneath the ride. He was rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries.


Witnesses said the ride had stopped and the attendant was helping children get out of the cars and off the ride when it appeared another child who was waiting in line hit a button and started the ride, trapping the child between the floor and the moving cars.


An investigation is pending.

2 Injured After Roller Coaster Derails


10.28.11 - At Disneyland Paris, 2 people were injured on the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster. After the front two cars derailed.

The ride was evacuated and closed for an investigation.

In April of this year, 5 were injured on Big Thunder Mountain after a piece of fiberglass and wooden scenery fell onto one of the mine-themed carriages. When the ride reopened the rock scene was removed from the ride.

Ride Breaks; 2 Injured


10.28.11 - At a carnival in Bremen, Germany, two woman were seriously injured after a seat broke off the Kraken ride and skidded into a safety railing.

Apparently a seat broke off while carrying the two women, hitting the ground and sliding into the railing. One woman was taken to hospital in life threatening condition and the other was seriously injured. Both, apparently, suffered internal injuries.

Police say another seven people from the crowd were treated for minor injuries and shock.


Investigators assume that either fatigue or a design flaw was to blame for the accident after a crack was located.

Woman, 31, Falls From Ride; Dies


10.25.11 - In Dublin, Ireland, a 31-year-old woman died after falling from the Tip Top Ride at a fair outside of the 02 arena -- following a concert.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the operator, McFadden's Entertainment, their staff opted to keep running the ride despite severe weather conditions.


Irish police have launched an investigation into the accident.

Ride Breaks Apart; 6 Injured


10.12.11 - Six people received minor injuries after the Banzai ride malfunctioned at the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia, South Carolina.

Apparently a joint connecting two pieces of metal that are part of the ride broke, sending shattered pieces into the air. Five of the six had minor scrapes and lacerations while the sixth person had a larger piece hit their shoulder. All were treated at the fair's first aid center and released. No one apparently went to the hospital.

The ride has since been shut down pending an investigation.

Boy, 10, Killed in Accident


10.8.11 - At an amusement park in eastern China, a 10-year-old boy was killed when he thought the rapids ride called Gorge Drift was over.


He apparently got out of the raft and started walking up. The conveyor belt started to move again and he was caught -- killing him.

The ride was shut down, and the water was pumped out of the gorge.

An investigation is pending.

4 Injured After Water Slide Collapses


9.27.11 - At Atlantis Water Adventure in Jakarta, Indonesia, a cement-based decoration attached to a water slide collapsed, injuring four people, including a child.

The accident occurred when a cement-based decoration collapsed and fell onto the spiral slide below.

The injured sustained cuts and bruises and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

It was reported that the decorative structure collapsed due to corrosion.

An investigation is pending.

2010 Report


9.13.11 - More and more, educated consumers are taking responsibility for their own “safety." Today’s informed consumer is asking the question, “how safe am I?”

There are as many reasons to visit an amusement park as there are visitors. Families planning trips to amusement parks – paying their hard earned money for a day of fun, but at what price?

Tracking amusement park injuries has been a complex and uncooperative undertaking. We are happy with the information we have been able to obtain without the assistance of state amusement ride agencies and the amusement park industry. This report, while short, will give a look at what is occurring.

Where does Amusement Safety Organization obtain their information?

Information is obtained from the consumer and park employees.

Park employees, how are they of assistance?

Park employees, for the most part, have assisted us with follow up information as well as leads on safety issues at their park. We ask about a particular issue or injury and they provide us with information on how an injury could have or could not have occurred. We steer clear of managerial employees, rather sticking to line employees. We found that they offer a more candid view of what is going on. They have no ties to the park they are working at and share what information they feel is right. Surprisingly, they also discredit a lot of information they are asked about, which assists us in shooting down a lot of false injury claims.

Reportable Injuries

A reportable injury according to Amusement Safety Organization is one that disrupts a person's:
Eye Sight
Body Movements
Federal or State Inspections

The public expects regulations by government to protect them or to further identify their activities within publicly suitable limits. In the case of the amusement industry, federal regulation would need to be effective; regulations being enforced fairly, firmly and consistently across the nation. At present time, we do not see that remotely possible.

In 2010, ASO tracked injury data on amusement rides nationwide. The information was tracked via consumer submissions, employee submissions, and ASO’s own independent park observation visits. Information was also disapproved via the same process.
2010’s report, it was decided, would not include park names or rides.
There were a total of 838 reportable injuries reported to Amusement Safety Organization in 2010.

Of those 838 injuries, 117 of them were disproven due to rider misconduct, which means a rider either failed to follow safety signage, safety spiels, or did not use proper judgment while riding.

Most Common Disproven Injury

Slip and falls were the most common disproven injury. The 2 most common factors:
Riders using seats as a means to get out of rides -- tripping on seat belts. On water rides riders slipping on wet seats getting in and out of rides.
Things that stood out: Majority of injuries were neck and back related
Injuries happened to riders sitting towards the rear of the train
Abdominal and thigh related injuries were due to an overly tight restraint
Injuries occurred to both men and women of all ages, weights, and heights
A lot of disproven injuries were the result of riders failing to adhere to spiels and safety signage.
Injury Type Totals:
Back (178) – 52%
Neck (99) – 27%
Arm/Fingers/Wrist/Hand (46) – 13%
Leg/Feet/Ankle/Toes (11) – 3%
Mechanical (3) – 3%
Other (8) – 2%

Things that stood out: Riders losing feeling in their legs, feet, and toes on Inverted roller coaster. As of this report, it is unknown how or why this is occurring.
Back and neck injuries on Steel roller coaster were seen on roller coasters that had both a forward and reverse portion of ride.
Restraint systems on steel roller coaster did not appear to be much of an issue with riders.
Neck and head injuries on launch roller coasters were due to riders not properly sitting back before launch.
Injury Type Totals:
Back (7) – 3%
Neck (23) – 12%
Arm/Fingers/Wrist/Hand (4) – 2%
Leg/Feet/Ankle/Toes (149) – 73%
Mechanical (0) – 0%
Other (21) – 10%
INJURY TYPE – Water Ride (102)
Things that stood out: Most injuries involve slip and falls due to wet surfaces. This involved riders using wet seats as a step, then slipping and falling. Riders helping others out of the ride and slipping and falling.
Riders getting chlorinated water in their eyes and burning them.
Injury Type Totals:
Back (0) – 0%
Neck (0) – 0%
Arm/Fingers/Wrist/Hand (24) – 23%
Leg/Feet/Ankle/Toes (22) – 22%
Mechanical (0) – 0%
Other (56) – 55%

INJURY TYPE – Motion Simulators (23)

Things that stood out: Back as well as neck injuries were the most common injury types.
A majority of the 27 inquiries regarding motion sickness issues 24 occurred to those who wore contacts or eye glasses.

Injury Type Totals:
Back (11) – 48%
Neck (11) – 48%
Arm/Fingers/Wrist/Hand (0) – 0%
Leg/Feet/Ankle/Toes (0) – 0%
Mechanical (0) – 0%
Other (1) – 4%

INJURY TYPE – Inflatable Bounce Houses (77)
Things that stood out: Injuries were typically due to lack of supervision. Those injuries included knocked out teeth, concussions, broken bones, burns, and electrocution.
Houses blowing away were due to improperly set up as well as not taking into account windy conditions Air blowers turning off was an issue, as there were instances of children becoming trapped.
Injury Type Totals:
Back (0) – 0%
Neck (0) – 0%
Arm/Fingers/Wrist/Hand (25) – 32%
Leg/Feet/Ankle/Toes (30) – 39%
Mechanical (12) – 16%
Other (10) – 13%

INJURY TYPE – Carnival Ride (87)

Things that stood out: Back and neck injuries were the most common type of injury. These injuries generally were associated with younger riders between the ages of 10-30 years of age.
Perception of carnival rides as being unsafe was common with consumers.

Disproven injuries were riders failing to secure loose articles and riders boarding rides with known pre-existing injuries
Injury Type Totals:
Back (33) – 38%
Neck (19) – 22%
Arm/Fingers/Wrist/Hand (14) – 16%
Leg/Feet/Ankle/Toes (9) – 10%
Mechanical (6) – 7%
Other (6)

Heat Related Issues

We found were due to guests not properly hydrating themselves before and during their visit. We found the following:

Free ice water is available at park
Free water available at all park 1st aid stations 

9-Year-Old Injured


9.3.11 - At the Maryland State Fair in Timonium, Maryland, a 9-year-old boy was injured when he tried get off a small swing ride while it was in operation.

The boy, for some reason, did not want to be on the ride and attempted to get off of it while it was moving.

He was transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries. It was reported, however, that he was treated and released.

7 Injured When Ride Fails


8.29.11 - At Botton's Pleasure Beach in Skegness, England, a woman sustained serious head injuries and 6 people were taken to the hospital with what is believed to be whiplash type injuries when the Surf Rider ride failed.

In total 22 adults and children were rescued after they became trapped on the ride after, according to reports, the ride broke off its axel and came to a sudden stop.

Firefighters had to use a hydraulic platform to get all 22 riders off the ride. It is believed that riders were stuck for more than an hour before being freed

The Health and Safety Executive is investigating the accident.

2 Injured on Flume Ride


8.28.11 - At a fun fair in East Yorkshire, England, a 4-year-old girl and her 58- year-old grandmother were injured on the Jungle River log flume ride when the flume they were in became stuck due to the ride not having enough water in it.

The 58-year-old woman suffered severe leg injuries, having one of her legs amputated by paramedics, and was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. The girl was taken to a local hospital with cuts to her legs.

The Health and Safety Executive is investigating the incident.

Child, 12, Falls 30 Feet From Ride


8.23.11 - At Camelot Theme Park in Chorley, England, a 12-year-old boy plunged 30ft from the Excalibur 2 ride.

According to one eyewitness, they saw the boy hanging from the ride right before he fell off.

He was rushed to a local hospital where he is in stable condition. His injuries were unknown.


The Health and Safety Executive is investigating the accident.

Ride Operator Struck in The Head by Ride


8.20.11 - At the West Virginia State Fair, a 25-year-old worker was hit in the head by a gondola on the Speed ride.


It is believed the victim was looking down at his phone when he walked into the path of the ride as it neared the end of its cycle.


He underwent surgery to relieve brain swelling and was in critical but stable condition.


The man, a Mexican national, worked for Reithoffer Shows Inc. of Gibsonton, Fla., on a work visa.

Man Falls on Roller Coaster Tracks


8.19.11 - At Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, Idaho, a man was injured as he was trying to get into the Corkscrew roller coaster. The man apparently lost his footing and fell five feet onto the tracks.

Officials say the ride was not moving at the time of the incident.

It took emergency crews over an hour to rescue the man, who was unconscious.

He was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries.

5 Injured on Morey Piers Ride


8.19.11 - At Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey, a 13-year-old was sent to the hospital and 4 others were injured after the Sea Dragon Ride partially collapsed.

Apparently, the ride, a pirate ship that swings back and forth, had the center mast snap while the ride was moving.

According to a park spokesperson, "a section of steel scenery became detached from the sea dragon and struck at least one rider. Several guests were treated in first aid and released."


UPDATE: Accident due to corrosion. The top half of the mast, the piece that fell, was sitting on the top of the lower half and welded with a fillet weld to a plate. There was significant corrosion on the interior of both the thin walled section of the mast as well as the place that was used as the means to connect the lower and upper portion of the mast,” the state concluded. “When the material above the weld failed, there was no secondary support to keep the mast from separating and it fell.

Chlorine Surge at Water Park; 20 Sick


8.16.11 - At Raging Waters water park in Sacramento, California, 20 people were evacuated from the park's wave pool and taken to the hospital with  symptoms of chlorine exposure. Nine children and teenagers, eight adults and three water park employees were among the injured.


According to witnesses, the water in the wave pool turned green and started bubbling.

An investigation showed that a faulty pump resulted in a backup of chlorine which then surged into the wave pool when a second pumped was turned on.

4 Killed in Chinese Theme Park Accident


8.13.11 - At a theme park in east China's Jiangsu Province, four people died and another 24 people remain injured, with one in critical condition after a theme park attraction broke down after being damaged by heavy rains.


The accident occurred when cars on the ride crashed and fell off of their tracks.


An investigation is pending.

One Killed; 4 Injured When Ride Malfunctions


8.13.11 - At an amusement park in Brazil, a part from the Typhoon ride came loose striking and killing a 17-year-old girl who was waiting in line to buy tickets to the ride. 10 others were reported injured as well, who were reported to have been in the ride's cars at the time of the accident.


According to a report, the owner of the amusement park, was arrested and charged with manslaughter. The woman's attorney, in an attempt to get the charges dropped, provided police with documents showing the ride had been fully inspected and the crash was an accident.

Roller Coaster Accident; Ride Operator Killed


8.13.11 - At Naudières amusement park in Sautron, France, a 24-year-old ride operator left his post while the ride was in motion getting his legs crushed underneath the cars.


In order to free the man, one of his legs had to be amputated by rescuers on scene. He was taken to a local hospital where he later died.


An investigation is pending.

4 Injured In Carnival Ride Accident


8.12.11 - At the Schweizer Fest in Tell City, Indiana, four people were injured when two metal bars on the Scrambler ride came loose and hit one of the cars.

All four were rushed to a local hospital with unknown injuries. Blood was apparently visible in one of the cars.

The ride has been shut down and an investigation is pending.

3 Killed and 1 Injured When Ride Malfunctions


8.9.11 - In Villacanas, Spain, 3 people were killed and one severely injured when one of the arms on the Freak Out ride—which consists of four metal arms that spin around an axis, broke while the ride was in motion.

Apparently one of the four arms snapped in two.

An investigation is pending.

Man Injured on Universal Roller Coaster


8.1.11 - At Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida, a man was struck in the eye by something as he was riding the Dragon Challenge roller coaster.

The man was in the front row when the incident occurred. An inspection of the ride found nothing abnormal and the ride was re-opened.


According to reports, the man may have been blinded by whatever hit him in his eye. He has since returned home to Puerto Rico where he is receiving treatment.

4 Injured When Ride Collapses


7.28.11 - At a carnival in Norton, Kansas, 4 people were injured when the Octopus ride collapsed and fell some 4 to 6 feet.


Apparently the arm of the ride the 4 were riding in, broke off right after the ride had started.


An investigation is pending.

Child, 3, Has Finger Cut Off


7.23.11 - At the Bluegrass Fair in Lexington, Kentucky, a 3-year-old child had the top third part of his pinkie finger cut off inside of the Fun Zone attraction, a a jungle gym type house that has children crawling through.


The child was rushed to a local hospital.


The boy apparently hurt himself on a part of the ride on a mechanical disk, which spins. The boy lost his balance and cut his finger on some type of sharp object.

UPDATE: A Kentucky Department of Agriculture report says the child fell as he was running across the rotating floor with two siblings -- causing the accident.

Ride Collapses; 3 Sent to The Hospital


7.23.11 - At Camden Park in Huntington, West Virginia, one of the arms of the "Spider" ride came loose causing one of the cars to skid across the ground.

The ride was apparently half full during the accident. Three riders suffered minor injuries and were evaluated at a local hospital.

All other riders waited about an hour to be released from the ride.

An investigation is pending.

Girl, 17, Electrocuted


7.17.11 - At the Allegany County Fair & Ag Expo in Cumberland, Maryland, a 17- year-old girl was electrocuted by a cable extending from the Tornado ride. She sustained burns on her hand and some on her arm.

According to the girl's boyfriend, they finished riding the Tornado, she dropped her cell phone and when she reached down to pick it up, and she slipped touching the cable.

An amusement ride inspector with the Maryland Department of Labor inspected the ride and deemed it safe.

The ride was being operated by Reithoffer Shows.

Girl, 14, Electrocuted at Carnival in England


7.9.11 - At a carnival in Hartlepool, England, a 14-year-old girl sustained electric shock while waiting to pay for the Remix ride.


The girl was knocked unconscious by the shock and suffered blistering and swelling to her hand and a mark to her stomach where the electricity is believed to have entered and exited her body.

She was taken local hospital for treatment and was released the next day.

The ride was closed following and the Health and Safety Executive HSE are conducting an investigation.

Man, 29, Killed After Being Ejected From Roller Coaster


7.8.11 - At Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort in Darien, New York, a 29-year-old U.S. Army veteran who had lost his legs while deployed in Iraq was killed when he was ejected out of the Ride of Steel roller coaster.


An investigation is pending...


In May, 1999, a rider was ejected from the same roller coaster. At that time, however, the park was known as Six Flags Darien Lake and the ride was known Superman Ride of Steel. It was determined that the 37-year-old man was too big for the ride and that the restraint system did not fail. Seatbelts were then added to the ride. The man sustained minor injuries in the accident and later won a lawsuit


In 2004, at Six Flags New England, a man was killed from the Superman Ride of Steel roller coaster. The man was not properly secured by the ride's safety restraints. The man's large girth prevented his lap bar restraint from fitting firmly against his thighs.


UPDATE: Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort was issued two violations for failing to properly train Ride of Steel operators on the safety and operations restrictions of the coaster and for the operators being unfamiliar with the safety requirements.

6 Injured on Carnival Ride


7.3.11 - At the Salem Fair in Roanoke, Virginia, six riders were injured after a passenger’s hat became wedged in the Rip Tides rides braking system.

Apparently an adult passenger’s hat flew off while the ride was in operation.


The first of three cars came to a sudden stop. The ride's second car slammed into the first. The third car stopped on an incline some 15 feet off the ground after power was cut to the ride.

Four children and two adults were taken to a local hospital for evaluation.  It's believed one of the injured had some type of fracture.

The ride has been closed and an investigation is pending.


UPDATE: Ride was re-opened and deemed safe as incident was due to rider, not ride.

Girl, 12, Falls From Ride


7.2.11 - At the Lostock Hall Carnival a 12-year-old girl was injured after she fell some 15 feet from the High Roller ride.

Apparently the girl fell, despite there being a safety bar on the ride. She was complaining of abdominal pain following the fall and was taken to a local hospital for observation.

She suffered a fractured pelvis, a broken finger and numerous cuts, but none of her injuries were believed to be life threatening.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched an investigation.

Man Struck by Roller Coaster


7.1.11 - At the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a maintenance worker was struck by the Galaxy Orbiter ride, which was full of people.

Apparently a patron lost a hat while on the ride and the 47-year-old worker tried to retrieve it.  He was struck in the process.

The rollercoaster car was descending a spiral when it hit the worker.

He was knocked unconscious by the impact and transported to a local hospital.

The ride was shut down and an investigation is pending.

Man, 22, Killed After Fall From Ride


6.21.11 - At an amusement park in Balıkesir, Turkey, a 22-year-old man fell from a ride called the Gondola Boat while it was in the air.


The managers of the theme park were taken into custody and an investigation is pending.

Woman Injured on Ride in Michigan


6.21.11 - At the Livonia Spree in Livonia, Michigan, a woman was injured when a piece from a light fell off a carnival ride and hit her in the head.

The woman was taken to local hospital for treatment.

The accident is under investigation.

2 Injured in Carnival Ride Accident


6.21.11 - At the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California, a girl and male operator were injured on the Techno Power ride.


The girl was airlifted to a Children's Hospital and the male operator was transported to a local hospital.

Apparently both the operator of the ride and the girl were injured after the ride stopped it's cycle, but started up again as rider's were getting off.


The ride has been closed and an investigation is pending. The extent of both their injuries is unknown.

Boy, 15, Thrown From Ride


6.20.11 - At the Newcastle Hoppings fair in England, a 15-year-old boy was thrown from the Tagada ride.


The boy suffered cracked ribs and burns when he was thrown from the ride. He also apparently suffered injuries to his lungs, which had to be drained at the hospital.


According to one witness, “He got on and it and was bounced right out of it hitting the barrier around it. I spoke to his friend who was with him and he said he back flipped off the ride.”

The Health and Safety Executive has advised there is no initial sign of mechanical failure, but an investigation is pending.

Carnival Ride Accident; 3 Injured


6.19.11 - At the Kavaklı amusement park in Istanbul, Turkey, an 18-year-old

was killed when the cage of the ride she was on opened up.


The girl's was seated on a ride called Discovery, when the ride’s security cage opened mid-air, some 230 feet in the air.

A rider next to the girl tried to grab her, but was unable to hold her.

An ambulance rushed to the scene, but the park had already transported the victim to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

According to reports, last month, a similar accident on the same ride left two people injured. According to the park the ride was worked on and was now safe.


An investigation is pending.

Carnival Ride Accident; 3 Injured


6.17.11 - At the Days of Yore Festival in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, a fixture on the ride was not properly secured and fell injuring 3 people.


According an eyewitness they saw children on the ride screaming and ducking to avoid the fixture as it swung back and forth. The ride was stopped and two employees tried to stop the fixture from the hitting children, injuring themselves in the process.


One child received cuts and bruises, one of the workers also received minor cuts, and one worker was transported for treatment of a gash on his arm.

The ride has been closed pending an investigation.

Teen Has Heart Attack on Roller Coaster


6.13.11 - A 16-year-old was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack while riding the Raton Vacilon roller coaster at a park in Spain.

CPR was performed on the child stabilizing her their condition, before an ambulance arrived.

The teen was in serious condition at a local hospital and an investigation is pending.

Water Park Chemical Leak; 6 Sent to The Hospital


6.11.11 - Signal Bay Water Park in Manassas Park, Virginia, was evacuated after the appearance of a yellow plume was noticed in a shallow pool, where children were swimming.

EMT's and Paramedics checked out at least a dozen children, some of whom vomited. Six were hospitalized, and one was kept overnight for observation.

An investigation is pending.

Woman Dies After Ride on Roller Coaster


6.9.11 - At Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a lady was found unresponsive after riding the Kentucky Rumbler wooden roller coaster.

Park EMT's performed CPR, but were not able to revive the woman.

An investigation is pending.

Roller Coaster Cars Collide; 7 Injured


6.5.11 - At Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, seven people were hurt on the Wildcat roller coaster when a car completing its ride bumped into a stopped car in the station.

Most were treated for bumps and bruises within the park's first aid station. Three riders were taken to a local hospital. All were released later in the evening.


UPDATE: Accident was due to a brake malfunction. Ride has re-opened.

Man Falls From Rock Wall


6.4.11 - At Kidstar Amusement Park in Port Charlotte, Florida, a 21-year-old was injured when he fell some 20 feet from a rock wall attraction.

His safety cable apparently snapped and he fell backward onto a platform.

According to the park's manager, "He went up, the cable snapped and it was a freak accident that happened the cable snapped and he just fell down."

The man was transported to a local hospital.

An investigation is pending.

Girl, 11, Falls From Ferris Wheel; Dies


6.3.11 - At the Wildwood Boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, an 11-year-old girl died after falling some 100+ feet from a Ferris wheel.

According to one eyewitness, the girl hit a corrugated metal platform at the bottom and laid motionless on the ground.

She was rushed to a local hospital and later died.

The cause of the fall remains unknown and an investigation is pending.

The Ferris wheel most recently passed an inspection on March 17, according to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.


UPDATE: Girl was possibly not properly seated -- according to a preliminary report.

9 Injured When Roller Coaster Collaspes


5.30.11 - At Haifa's Luna Grand amusement park in Haifa, Israel, nine children were hurt when the doors and roof of a roller coaster collapsed and became detached.

Most of the children had bruises on their chest and limbs, and some had cuts.


Two children were still in the hospital due to blows to the head

An investigation is pending.

Carnival Ride Malfunctions


5.29.11 - At the Trinity Episcopal Church carnival in Canton, Massachusetts, three children ages 14, 10, and 7, were stranded on the roll-o-plane ride after the ride's chain malfunctioned.


One girl was taken to an area hospital for a minor medical issue, which was said to be either her leg falling asleep and/or dehydration. It apparently took fire crews a half hour to remove the children from about 40 in the air.

State officials shut the ride down and an investigation is pending.

Ride Collapses; Two Children Hurt


5.28.11 - At a carnival in Carlsbad, New Mexico, two children were injured when the Wacky Worm ride collapsed.

Apparently, a bolt holding in place a support on the ride broke, causing the track to slide and the car, holding between 6 and 10 children, to fall.

Two children received medical attention for minor injuries at the carnival.

All of the lap bars were in place on the children -- keeping them on the ride.

The ride was being operated by Moore's Greater Shows out of Texas.

Woman, 48, Unconscious After Ride


5.21.11 - At Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida, a 48-year-old woman was found unconscious after riding the Space Mountain roller coaster.

According to reports, she had a pulse and was breathing when transported to a local hospital.

The ride has since been reopened when nothing mechanically wrong was found with it.

2 Men Fall From Ferris Wheel; 1 Dead


5.16.11 - At the Greensboro Youth Council Carnival in Greensboro, North Carolina a carnival worker, 42, was killed and another critically injured after they fell while dismantling a Ferris wheel.

The two were in the process of disassembling the ride when they both fell off the it. It is believed a safety cable may have failed.

UPDATE: Event Coordinators Inc., an Augusta event planning company, has been fined more than $27,000 for safety violations leading to the death of one worker and injury of another at a Greensboro, N.C., amusement park.

A wire cable failed, causing the 44 foot fall. The fitting also struck another employee, who fell 28 feet.

Event Coordinators Inc. was cited for 12 serious violations and one non-serious violation on the job site, according to a report published by the North Carolina Department of Labor.

Man Dies Riding Roller Coaster


5.15.11 - At Phantasialand theme park in Germany, a 48-year-old man died while riding the Black Mamba roller coaster.

According to reports, when the ride was over, he remained seated. Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

Apparently the man suffered from diabetes and died of a heart attack. An investigation is pending.

Brother and Sister Thrown From Ride


5.14.11 - At St. Helena high school in Greensburg, Louisiana, a brother and a sister, ages 13 and 15, were seriously hurt when they were thrown from the Zipper ride.

Apparently the two were being removed from the ride when it went in motion, causing them to be thrown some 15 feet. They were transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries.

No mechanical problems were found in an inspection of the ride and an investigation is pending.


UPDATE: Accident was the result of the operator accidentally activating a switch that caused the ride to move as the children were getting out. A guard on the ride’s safety switch was also missing and that the ride’s parking brake had been removed -- according to a source.

Ride Derails; 3 Injured


5.8.11 -At Storybook Land amusement park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, the Big Truck Ride has been shut down after it derailed and sent tw o women and a child to the hospital with minor injuries.

Apparently the lead cart derailed, causing the three passengers to fall some two-and-a-half feet to the ground.

The ride is closed and an investigation is pending.

Two Carnival Workers Electrocuted


5.3.11 - At Conejo Valley Days in Thousand Oaks, California, two workers setting up a carnival ride were injured when they came in contact with downed power lines.


One of the men is in the hospital with serious injuries, while the other had moderate injuries.

Carnival Worker Crushed by Ride; Dies


4.27.11 - A 45-year-old fairground worker died after he fell under the wheels of a reversing articulated vehicle during the setting up of Stevens’ Family Funfair at Bassett's Park in Wellingborough, England.

An investigation is pending.

5 Injured at Disneyland Paris


4.25.11 - Five people were injured on Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain ride, prompting the park to close the coaster.

The accident occurred after a piece of fiberglass and wooden scenery fell onto one of the mine-themed carriages. Of the five passengers, one was injured seriously, a 38-year-old man. He was taken to a local hospital for his injuries.


An investigation is pending.

Boy, 11, Falls From High-Wire Ride


4.24.11 - At Greenwood Forest Park in Gwynedd, United Kingdom, an 11-year-old boy died when he fell from the Swampflyer high-wire ride.

The boy fell from the ride at it's mid-point. He was transferred to a local hospital where he later died. The ride is 30ft at its highest point.

The parks operations manager, confirmed the boy fell from the ride and said: “All safety kit was examined at 10am this morning in line with our safety procedure. All was in order.”


An investigation is pending.

Boy, 3, Falls From Ride; Killed


4.2.11 - At Go Bananas amusement park in the northwest Chicago suburb of Norridge, Illinois, a three-year-old boy fell to his death from the Python Pit  roller coaster.

The boy apparently freed himself from the safety bar as the coaster was moving along the tracks. He then became wedged between the cars and suffered head injuries, falling from the ride.

UPDATE: The Illinois Department of Labor led an investigation that found discrepancies in the park's record keeping on safety. The department filed a complaint with the Norridge Police Department, which led misdemeanor count for violation of the Carnival Rides and Amusement Safety Act for both the owner and manager of the park.

Man, 46, Dies After Fall From Carnival Ride


3.20.11 - At the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a 46-year-old man was killed after falling some 28-feet from the Hi-Miler ride.

As of this is report it's unclear how the man fell. An inspection by safety teams showed that the ride apparently had no malfunctions. The man was given CPR by medical teams before he was taken to a local hospital.

The man apparently hit a passerby. That man was treated for a broken ankle.


The accident is under investigation.

Miniature Train Derails; 6-Year-Old Dead


3.19.11 - At Cleveland Park in Spartanburg, South Carolina, a 6-year-old was killed and 18 were injured when a miniature train derailed and overturned.

It's being reported that a South Carolina state amusement ride inspector falsified a safety report and never tested the children's train ride. Whether or not that was the train, which crashed, is unknown at this time.


He has since been fired.


According to the driver of the train, he indicated he was going too fast. An investigation is pending.


Police Report (pdf)

2 Injured; One Killed at Park in Colombia


3.7.11 - At Periquera Ecological Park in Boyaca, Colombia, has left one person dead and two injured, after a car carrying three people fell off the tracks at it's highest point.

Apparently,  the cable carrying the car snapped due to a mechanical malfunction, though, an investigation is pending.

Carnival Worker Injured; Another Dead


3.6.11 - At the Lee County Fair in Fort Meyers, Florida, one worker died and another suffered serious injuries while tearing down rides.

The 40-year-old worker who died was apparently tearing down a ride when he touched a ground wire. The electricity was not off and he had a heart attack.

Reithoffer Shows has said there is no indication his death was caused by the amusement ride.

Also a 21-year-old male was apparently uncapping a cart for a ride and it let loose, falling and breaking one of his arms. He also sustained facial injuries as well.


Investigations are pending.

4 Thrown From Ride; 5-Year-Old Killed


2.26.11 - A five-year-old child was killed and three seriously injured in an accident on a ride at Medellin's municipal amusement park in Medellin, Colombia.

According to witness reports, one of the attractions "went crazy" and started spinning out of control, throwing out the riders.

Apparently there was nobody in charge of the ride at the time of the accident and after the accident parents were carrying their own children to taxis outside the park, because no ambulances were summoned.

It is believed that the ride operator had asked someone to take his place right before the accident. An investigation is pending.

Ride Malfunction; 2 Injured


2.19.11 - At a funfair in Newton, England two teenagers were injured on a fairground ride when apart of the ride apparently became loose.

The teenagers were taken to a local hospital after complaining of back and head pains as well as blurred vision following the incident.

Apparently some 10 people were on the Spider ride when the incident occurred.

The Health and Safety Executive has launched an investigation.

4-Year-Old Struck by Cable


2.18.11 - At the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo in San Angelo, Texas, the children's Ferris wheel was shut down after a cable came loose, striking a 4-year-old child on the leg.

Injuries were minor, however, the child was taken to a local hospital.

Apparently no parts malfunctioned and no damage was done to the ride. It  reopened the next day after it passed inspections.

Woman, 48, Dead After Fall From Tram


2.7.11 - At Dai Nam theme park in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, a woman died after she fell from a tram, sustaining head injuries.

The 48-year-old woman and her husband were riding an overloaded tram designed to look like a locomotive when she fell off the vehicle.

There were no seats available and many others crowded onto the vehicle and stood. It's possible that a bump in the road caused her to fall off the tram.

She was rushed to a local hospital where she died soon after due to severe brain injuries.

Girl, 6, Killed


2.7.11 - At a carnival in Moral de Calatrava, Spain, a 3-year-old girl was killed after she got caught between a moving cylinder and the wheel that turns it.

The girl apparently remained trapped until her father freed after noticing that she had not exited the ride.

According to witnesses, a floor board was missing, causing the victim to fall and subsequently get her head caught.

Woman Gets Hair Caught in Go-Kart Motor


2.1.11 - At an amusement park in Rohini, India, a 26-year-old woman sustained serious injuries after her hair got entangled in the motor of a go-kart kart she was driving.

She apparently was given a helmet to wear before riding, however, she complained that the helmet was too loose, but tied her long hair into loose bun.


To make matters worse, she was too short to reach the gas pedal and was told to slide back into her seat for better access, according to an eyewitness.


While racing, the bun came undone and her hair got entangled in the motor behind the seat. She was then rushed to a local hospital after ripping two layers of scalp skin.

Man, 34, Falls From Ride; Dies


1.30.11 - At Tokyo Dome City Attractions, a 34-year-old man died after falling from the Spinning Coaster Maihime roller coaster.

The man is believed to have fallen from a height of 25 feet. It is unknown as of this report if the accident was due to him not being properly secured into the ride.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where he would remain for two-hours before dying.

In November, a 26-year-old female worker lost three fingers while checking wires and motors at the top of the popular Tower Hacker attraction before the park opened.


UPDATE: The amusement park operator is suspected of professional negligence resulting in the man's death, after police found safety flaws in the ride's operating manual.

There were no specific instructions in the manual about confirming that the safety bar for each passenger is fastened before starting the ride

The police are seeking to determine whether the company provided adequate safety training to its workers.

Boy, 3, Runs Into Train


1.16.11 - At Eastern Beach in Geelong, Australia, a three-year-old boy was injured after he was struck by the Thomas the Tank Engine children's train.

Apparently the boy ran into the side of the train and it ran over him -- stopping on one of his legs. They then had to drive the train off of him.


Lifeguards ran over and took the boy to a treatment area, before he was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

According to the owner of the ride, the train would have been traveling about 1 mph. He also indicated that this was the first injury in 14 years of operation.

Ride Derails; 2 Injured


1.1.11 - At the Caroline Bay Carnival in Timaru, New Zealand, a man and child were injured when the ride they were in derailed. It left them hanging four feet off the ground, but both managed to climb out of the car.

The man apparently sustained some type of back injury and the child was shaken, otherwise was in good condition.

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