2012 Accidents & News

Woman, 20, Thrown From Ride at Louisana State Fair


11.10.12 - A 20-year-old woman was thrown from the Fun Factory ride, a European variation of the traditional U.S. “Tilt-a-Whirl” ride at the Louisiana state fair.


She sustained two fractures of the spine and a fracture near her hip, as well as a torn spleen. Ride was being operated by Sky Attractions,a subcontractor of Crabtree Amusements. Investigation is pending.

Woman, 20, Thrown From Ride; Killed


10.3.12 - At EVP amusement park in India, a 20-year-old woman was killed when she was thrown from the Octopus ride.


The woman suffered head injuries after being thrown from the ride and the manager of the park, operator and his assistant were arrested and charged with homicide.

Man Falls Out of Waterslide


10.1.12 - At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Valencia, California, a 19-year-old man was seriously injured after falling from the Venom Drop waterslide.

Apparently the man then passed other people in line, and went down the slide head-first on his stomach, despite ride rules saying you are to go down feet-first on your back, according to the park. According to eye witnesses, however, the man took a running start and the momentum took him off the side of the slide.

The man fell off the slide about halfway down and landed on the pavement, he was reported as unconscious, but breathing when he was taken to a local hospital.

4 Injured After Falling Out of Ride


9.23.12 - At a mall in Qunfudah, Saudi Arabia, four girls were taken to the hospital after falling out of a ride.


Two of the girls were released from the hospital while two others, who sustained back and nose fractures in addition to contusions all over their bodies, remained hospitalized.


Qunfudah Civil Defense is investigating the incident and has indicated that it will impose heavy penalties for any safety violations were discovered.

Ride Falls Apart; 4 Injured


9.15.12 - At the Dippemess funfair in Frankfurt, Germany, two 12-year-olds were on the 'Break Dancers' when their carriage came off the ride and skidded along the ground,  injuring four people.


Apparently the ride had just finished a ride cycle when it broke and sent the carriage skidding along the ground.

An investigation said that a technical defect, not picked up by regular ride safety checks, was the cause of the accident.


More tests are scheduled on the ride.

Ride Comes of Track; 4 Injured


9.8.12 - At Route 66 Carousel Park in Joplin, Missouri, the Tiger Terror ride came off the track injuring 4 riders. The injuries were reported as bumps and bruises. 


The ride had passed an inspection on May 9th and was issued a permit.

The Missouri Department of Public Safety is investigating the incident.

Worker Killed


9.8.12 - At Dream Land at Koriyama Culture Park in Koriyama, Japan, a maintenance worker died after he was pinned under a roller coaster.

Three people who were riding the roller coaster were unhurt.

Police are investigating why the man was inspecting a roller coaster in operation.

Woman Injured on Carnival Ride


9.3.12 - At the Nebraska State Fair a woman was injured on the Rock and Roll ride when she was hit in the head by a decorative panel while on the ride.


She had lacerations to the back of her head according to a report.

The ride was shut down after the accident and an investigation is pending.

Carnival Worker Struck by Ride; Killed


9.1.12 - At the Mother Cabrini Feast in Brentwood, New York, a 22-year-old carnival employee was killed when he went to get something underneath the Scat ride for a ride operator.


When he stood up, the ride struck him in the head and knocked him to the ground.


It's been reported that the man may have been trying to change the Scat's soundtrack playing on an iPod beneath the ride.


The ride has since been closed pending an investigation. The ride was being operated by Zorlenzan's Amusements of Elmont, New York.

Water Slide Collapses; 15 Injured


8.21.12 - At Nicco Park in Kolkata, India 15 people were injured when a water slide collapses due to overcrowding. Six of the injured were said to be serious injuries.

The injured were taken to a local hospital for their injuries. The six seriously injured had fractured arms and legs.


An investigation has been launched to determine if the park is at fault.

Roller Coaster Cars Collide; 7 Injured


8.12.12 - At Clacton Pier in Pier Gap, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England, seven people suffered minor injuries after two cars the Stella's Revenge rollercoaster collided. The reason for the accident was unknown.

The seven injured were treated on scene and did not need to be sent to the hospital.

The ride is now closed pending an investigation.

Ferris Wheel Collapses; 3 Injured


8.6.12 - At a carnival in the Provence of Jambi, Indonesia, three people were injured when a Ferris wheel collapsed.

Apparently the Ferris wheel was off-balance and the ride separated from its axel collapsing to the ground with 28 riders onboard in 14 separate cars.

The injured suffered cuts to their arms and legs. With one rider needing some 25 stitches to close a cut on his leg.

The carnival was uninsured at the time of the accident and the Jambi Police shut the carnival down to conduct an investigation.

Ride Flips


8.6.12 - At Adventure City in Anaheim, California, a man and his two kids fell out of the Barnstormer Planes ride.

Apparently the ride flipped over as it was 2 to 3 feet off the ground. One of the kids, a 4-year-old, was taken to a local hospital.

According to witnesses, mechanics were putting the ride into an upright position before paramedics or police got on scene.

The accident is under investigation.

Child, 7, Falls From Water Slide


8.5.12 - At a water park in Austria, a child suffered serious injuries when he fell 13 feet from a water slide.

Apparently the boy was sliding so fast that he was flung over the edge of the slide during a steep curve.

He suffered a fracture to the base of the scull, bleeding of the brain and stomach injuries.

He was taken to a local hospital where he remains in a medically induced coma.

Woman Dies After Ride


8.3.12 - At Drayton Manor Theme Park in Tamworth, England, a 42-year-old woman collapsed and died after getting off of the Maelstrom ride - a that sends riders spinning 72ft into the air on a giant gyro-swing.


The woman apparently died after suffering cardiac arrest. The park's first aid team as well as an off-duty doctor tried to revive the woman, but were unsuccessful. 

Riders Doused by Ride Fluid


7.31.12 - At the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa, California the Yo-Yo ride malfunctioned covering some 20 patrons with oil.

The oil was determined not to be hazardous and local fire officials cleared all those who had been covered.


A mechanic replaced the hose and fittings after the incident.

Two Hurt in Carnival Ride Mishap


7.31.12 - At the Western Nova Scotia Exhibition in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, four people were injured when pieces of the scrambler ride flew off.


One of the injured, an eight-year-old girl, sustained an injured chin. A four-year-old girl sustained a cut to her head. A woman and her step-son also sustained injuries.

An investigation is pending.

Two Injured in Accident


7.29.12 - At Billy Bates Fairground in Abbey Park, Leicester, England, two boys were injured when the Mega Bounce Frog ride broke, throwing them from the ride.

According to bystanders, one of the boys was thrown from the carriage as it broke loose, while another remained in the ride when it landed face down.

One of the boys suffered a broken arm and had rib and chest injuries. The other boy sustained broken teeth and a broken nose.


The ride has been dismantled, but the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is investigating.

Boy Falls From Ride


7.28.12 - At the Expo de Saint-Hyacinthe in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada when he fell out of a moving ride.


Apparently the ride operator stopped the ride to let out another child who was not feeling well.

The restraints released and before the boy could exit the ride it began to rise in the air, the boy was clinging by one arm as his sister tried to pull him back in, but he fell some 6 feet to the ground.


The owner of the ride placed blame on the operator. Saying he failed to deactivate a hydraulic pump when he removed his foot from the pedal, which is needed to stop the ride.

Boy Struck by Bird


7.26.12 - At Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, a boy suffered minor injuries to the face and neck and was taken to an area hospital for treatment after he was struck by a bird while on Kingda Ka.


The ride was reopened about 30 minutes later after the state's Department of Community Affairs cleared the park to do so.

5 Injured in Water Ride Accident


7.25.12 - At Mountain Creek water park in Vernon Township, New Jersey, 5 people were injured when the tubes they were in ran into one another and became stuck in front of a dark tunnel portion of the ride.


It was reported that the riders suffered bumps, bruises and abrasions and were assisted off the ride by park employees, which took approximately 20 minutes.


Update: Accident was caused by a ruptured seam in a vinyl liner and exacerbated by communications problems and a delayed response according to a report released by New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

Rider Found Unresponsive After Ride on Dominator


7.20.12 - At Kings Dominion theme park in Doswell, Virginia, a park guest was found unresponsive on the the Dominator roller coaster.

Park EMT's and EMS responded and initiated medical assistance. The guest was then transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

The ride was reopened on 7/23/12 after no mechanical issues were found during subsequent inspections.


No word on the condition of the female rider.


Update: After multiple safety ii found no operational problems with the ride it was reopened. A 48-year-old woman suffered a brain aneurysm and died after riding the roller coaster.

Man Impaled on Ride


7.15.12 - At Furuvik theme park in Sweden a man had a tow hitch on a children’s ride penetrate his rectum, which caused blood poisoning.

Apparently his daughter could not step on the gas pedal, so he lifted her up, sitting on the back of the ride where a tow hitch was coming out from the back of the ride. The man began screaming and was assisted by a park employee. He cleaned himself off of blood and was given a pair of pants, shorts and a free lunch by the park.


When the man got home he had a fever and was taken to the hospital where it was determined he had blood poisoning.


An investigation has been launched by local police and the tow hitch has since been removed.

Girl, 8, Knocked Out on Water Slide


7.14.12 - At Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo, Iowa, an 8-year-old  girl was injured on the Molokini Crater funnel slide.

Apparently the girl's tube flipped over when it hit the current of water inside of the ride and she struck her head. It was reported that she was unconscious for up to 5 minutes. She was rushed to a local hospital.


The accident is under investigation.

Woman Scalped by Go-Kart


7.8.12 - At Whiteland Raceway Park in Whiteland, Indiana, a 19-year-old woman had her hair caught in the axle of the kart she was driving.

According to the towns fire chief, the girl hit a bump, knocking her back in the seat causing her hair to get caught in the axle of the kart. She was rushed to a local hospital with skull fractures.


According to witnesses the girl was wearing a helmet and a neck brace. It is unknown, however, if her hair was tied up.

An investigation is pending.

Worker Killed After Being Struck by Roller Coaster


7.6.12 - At La Ronde amusement park in Montreal, Canada, a  67-year-old employee was killed when he was struck by the Vampire roller coaster.

It has been reported the man entered a restricted area and didn't advise the ride operator  he was entering the locked restricted security zone while the ride was in operation.

An investigation is pending and local police have not ruled out the possibility the death was a suicide.

Carnival Ride Operator Hit in The Head


7.5.12 - At North Mankato Fun Days in North Mankato, Minnesota, a carnival ride operator was injured after being hit in the head by the ride he was operating with another ride operator.


Apparently, the other ride operator sent the ride up and the injured operator leaned forward to grab a towel as the ride was coming down -- striking him in the head.


He was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Three Hurt at Carnival


7.2.12 - At a carnival in Clear Lake, Iowa, three people were injured when exiting the Hurricane ride.

Apparently, the injured were on the ride platform after getting off the ride. While exiting, the ride started up and they had not cleared out of the way of the now moving ride. It is believed the were hit and sent off the ride platform.

Two of the injured were transported to a local hospital, while the other sought medical attention on their own.

Update: State of Iowa inspectors deemed the ride perfectly safe to operate.

Balloon Ride Collapses


6.29.12 - At Ocean Park amusement park in Hong Kong, a balloon ride sprang a leak and plunged about 200 feet to the ground.


Five people were hurt in the accident, none of the injuries were reported to be serious. Four of the injured people were in the balloon; a fifth was on the ground and sustained a head injury.

France-based company Aerophile, which manufactured the balloon ride has ordered all similar rides be shut down pending inspections. Those include one in Irvine, California and another at Disney World called Characters in Flight.


Update: Manufacture, Aerophile, of France added an extra section of material over an existing emergency flap that pilots can use to quickly descend or deflate the balloon. They also changed the type of glue used to hold down the emergency flap.

Couple Thrown From Ride


6.25.12 - At a carnival in Durgapur, India, a man and his wife were ejected some 20
feet from a merry-go-round type ride. The ride’s seat apparently detached from the main part of the ride when the nuts and bolts became too loose. The man, 42, sustained a fractured nasal bone while his wife, 35, sustained bruises on her hands and legs. Both
apparently were knocked out by the fall as well.

The ride was stopped immediately. However, the two had to wait because the carnival operators did not call an ambulance. Carnival operators said there was an ambulance on-site, but it had taken another person to the hospital that had fallen ill.

The man’s brother arrived after being called by his father and took the injured to the hospital where they remain in stable condition.

Boy, 13, Jumps From Roller Coaster


6.22.12 - At Santa's Village in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, a 13-year-old jumped from the park's roller coaster when it came to a stop after an apparent power outage.

The boy apparently removed himself from the ride's lap bar restraint. He was transported to a local hospital, with a broken arm.


The Technical Safety Standards Authority is investigating the accident.

Boy, 6, Falls From Ride; Breaks Arm


6.17.12 - At Karuizawa Toy Kingdom Park in Tsumagoi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, a 6-year-old boy broke his arm when he fell off the Dragon roller coaster.

Officials are suspecting the safety belt was loose, causing the boy to fall some 5 feet from the ride onto concrete.

According to an employee, the belt was fastened when the roller coaster train departed the station.

Boy Falls From Ride


6.9.12 - At a carnival in Danbury, Connecticut, a boy fell from the Wacky Worm ride. According to reports, the boy may have stood up in the ride before he fell.


The boy was transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries.


The ride was being operated by Powers Great American Midway.


UPDATE: An investigation concluded that the boy opened his lap restraint while the ride was in motion.

Cable Snaps on Ride


6.7.12 - At Adventure Wonderland in Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom, a cable snapped on the Polly Drop Ride, injuring a woman.


Apparently a woman and two children were on the ride when a cable snapped on the ride. The woman was taken to a local hospital with bruising to her back and the two children were treated for shock at the park.


The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is investigating the accident.

Man Injured on Disney Roller Coaster


5.28.12 - At Tokyo DisneySea a 34-year-old man sustained minor injury while trying to get off of the "Raging Spirits" roller coaster.

The man apparently moved his right leg out of the train and onto the loading zone after the ride took off without his restraint properly secured. He sustained a minor injury when his leg was dragged roughly 6 feet.

According to reports, riders are required to pull down the restraint by themselves while ride attendants push down the bars for empty seats and lock them before the roller coaster takes off.

Apparently a ride attendant temporarily unlocked his restraint, finding a restraint on one of the empty seats still up. The man failed to hold on to his restraint when this occurred.


UPDATE: The ride operator took a step inconsistent with the companies in-house procedural rules when he tried to push down a safety bar for an empty seat on the ride. The company conceded that it has not provided the staffer with a thorough education concerning the mechanism of the safety bar.

Girl Struck by Piece of Ride


5.18.12 - At Campbell Amusements midway and fair in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, a woman was injured when a piece of the Zipper ride dislodged and hit her head.

According to a witness a plate of metal came detached from the ride striking the girl. Which, according to the witness, left a nasty gash on her head.

The girl was rushed to a local hospital. Her injuries were reported to be an open wound to the head, concussion and skull fracture.

Go-Kart Track Collapses; 1 Injured


4.17.12 - At Magical Midway in Orlando, Florida, an 11-year-old girl was injured after a portion of the parks go-kart track collapsed.

The girl apparently suffered a cut to her leg and was rushed to a local hospital. A man complained of chest pains, however, it is unknown if it was related to the accident.

An investigation is pending.

Ride Malfucntions; 2 Injured


4.8.12 - At the Bremen festival in Bremen, Germany, two people were injured when the Commander ride malfunctioned.


While at full speed the ride apparently bent, however, an operator activated the emergency stop, which, according to reports, prevented the ride from sustaining more damage.


A 14-year-old girl and a 33-year-old man were only slightly injured. They received medical treatment on-scene and were released.

The ride was closed and an investigation is being conducted. The ride had just been cleared for operation by TÜV.


In October 2011, two woman were seriously injured after a seat broke off the Kraken ride and skidded into a safety railing. Apparently a seat broke off while carrying the two women, hitting the ground and sliding into the railing.

Woman Thrown From Ride


4.4.12 - At EVP World amusement park in Chembarambakkam, Tamil Nadu, India a 25-year-old woman suffered multiple fractures when she was thrown off the 'cup 'n' saucer' ride and slammed against the base of the structure, fracturing her hip and collar bone.

She was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery.

Family and amusement park officials offered contradictory versions on what caused the fall. Her family alleges that a safety chain securing the door of their box broke during the ride. The park, however, said that she opened the door herself before the ride stopped.

An investigation is pending.

Girl, 3, Falls From Ride


3.14.12 - At the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo carnival in Houston, Texas, a 3-year-old girl fell off of the Techno Jump ride.

The girl apparently came out from under a restraining bar and fell to the ride's platform, suffering a concussion.

According to witnesses, the girl's mother decided she was too big for the ride and let her daughter ride with her brother. The girl did meet the height requirement for the ride according to carnival officials. According to another report the mother was going to ride with the little girl and her twin brother. When the mother did not fit on the ride, the ride attendant suggested that the twins could ride alone. Instead, the mother had an older relative of the twins ride with them

The ride was closed for inspection, passed the inspection, and was later reopened.

Girl, 12, Drowns at Water Park


2.27.12 - At Wonder La amusement park in Bidadi, Karnataka, India, a 12-year-old girl drowned during a school visit.


The girl and some friends were in a four-foot deep wave pool when she fell and drowned. According to the park, the pool is manned by 18 lifeguards.


In a statement released by the park they said: "There were three girls in the pool at the time when a lifeguard noticed the group move towards a pillar in the corner. When one of them began to drown the lifeguard rescued her in less than 15 seconds and tried to resuscitate her. Oxygen was provided at our medical facility and then the girl was rushed to hospital."

The victim's friends said that she was lying motionless inside the water for 15 to 20 minutes and no lifeguards were present when she drowned between 1.30pm and 2pm. The park, however, said the victim was pulled out within 15 seconds of her falling into the pool.


The investigation is ongoing...

Girl, 14, Dead After Fall From Drop Ride


2.24.12 - At Hopi Hari theme park in São Paulo, Brazil, a 14-year-old girl was killed after falling some 90-100 feet from the La Tour Eiffel drop tower ride.


According to witnesses, the girl fell as the ride was in free fall, landing face first at the base of the tower. She was rushed to a local hospital, but died.



At 0:32 seconds the restraint flies open over the seat the 14-year-old was sitting in


According to a report, the victim should not have been allowed to ride. Her seat along with another seat were deemed unsafe because it was possible that taller riders could strike their legs on a bottom part of the Eiffel tower structure.

The park admitted that park staff failed to put the seat out of service on the day of the accident and that ride operators should have checked each rider's restraint manually, including a seat belt. Which, according to the manufacture, locks into the restraint near the riders legs acting as a backup in case the primary over the shoulder restraint fails. This seat, however, did not have a seat belt because when the manufacture made them mandatory in 2002, this seat on the ride was not operational and  was never to never be used. An accident eerily familiar to this one occurred in 1999 at Paramount's Great America (Now California's Great America) in Santa Clara, California. In that accident, a 12-year-old fell off the Drop Zone tower ride and died. A cause was never determined.


Updated 4/17/2012: The ride presented problems for at least one month before the accident that caused the death of the 14-year-old girl. There was also a lack of audible and visual warnings that the seat where the deceased sat was not to be used.

5-Year-Old Drowns at Water Park


2.19.12 - At Yuna Laif complex in the Mytishchi district of Moscow, Russia, a 5-year-old boy drowned to what's being described as professional and criminal negligence.


According to reports, the boy had to wait 40 minutes for medical help to arrive. Ambulances from the two nearest stations could not respond to the call because the area is serviced by another medical station.


After 40 minutes when medical help arrived they began trying to save the boy pool side.


The boy's mother and father have said they lost sight of their son for just a few minutes after they decided to take a swim. They then announced his disappearance through a PA system.


However, according to complex representatives, the parents had been given instructions and signed paperwork confirming that they would watch their child. The father denies sigining anything.


An investigation is pending.

Rider Injured on Water Slide


2.19.12 - At Jay Peak's Pump House Indoor Water Park in Jay, Vermont, an 8-year-old boy got stuck in the La Chute slide and two riders slammed into him at speeds of up to 40 mph. One of the riders broke his ankle while the boy and the other rider only sustained minor injuries.

According to the park president, an attendant at the bottom should have stopped the ride when the boy did not come out. An employee at the bottom of the slide could not find the boy in the slide and overrode the sensors. The next rider took off, collided with the boy, but reached the bottom of the slide, disarming the sensor. The 3rd rider took off and was injured as well.

Girl Strangled by Scarf on Ride


1.28.12 - At Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris, France, an eight-year-old girl's scarf got caught in the motor of a carousel she was riding, strangling her.

The girl got on the carousel, and after a few minutes on the ride, her scarf got caught in the motor.

A fireman and doctor who happened to be nearby tended to the girl, who was then rushed to a local hospital for treatment. She remains in a coma.

The ride has been closed and police have launched an investigation into the accident.

Ride Malfunctions; 5 Injured


1.24.12 - At Van Huong Mai Amusement Park in Chau Phu, Vietnam, five people were injured when the ride they were on malfunctioned, causing their seats to free-fall some 50 feet.

Apparently the ride's operation system experienced some type a technical error while they were being lifted up. All the injured were rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

One of the injured, a woman, was in serious condition with what doctors believed to be spine fractures. The other 4 injured were reported to be improving.

An investigation is pending.

Carnival Worker Struck by Ride


1.21.12 - At the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach Florida, a carnival ride operator was injured after he stepped onto the tracks of a roller coaster and was struck in the chest by one of the cars.


An investigation ruled out mechanical failure and operator error appears to be the cause of the accident.

The ride was shut down for an inspection, but has been reopened.

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