2013 Accidents & News

4 People Struck by Roller Coaster Wheels


11.2.13 - At Alton Towers in Alton, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, 4 people were injured when guide wheels came off the Smiler ride.


Apparently some of the small, plastic guide wheels that keep the chain inside the chain guard, became detached. One man was hit on the shoulder and another in the face. Two other people were struck, however, it is unknown where.


None of the injured were transported to the hospital.

Boy Injured at Disneyland Paris


10.30.13 - At Disneyland Paris in Marne La Vallée, France, a 5-year-old boy was seriously injured after he fell out of a boat on the Pirates of The Caribbean ride.


Apparently near the end of the ride, the boy leaned too far back and plunged into the water and was hit by another boat.


The accident is under investigation.

2 Injured on Roller Coaster


10.26.13 - At Conneaut Lake Park in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, 2 people were injured on the Blue Streak roller coaster.


According to reports, one person was taken to the hospital for a possible fractured nose and jaw. Another person went to the hospital with unknown injuries.


According to Adams Amusements, who operates the ride, the riders had their heads lowered blocking their faces from the rain. They believe the ride may have hit a bump in the track causing their faces to hit in to the lap bar.


The state of Pennsylvania is investigating.

5 Injured in Carnival Accident


10.24.13 - At the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, North Carolina, five people were injured on the Vortex ride.


Apparently the riders were exiting the ride when it started up again. Two of the injured were listed in serious condition. It was concluded that someone tampered with the ride and the ride's operator was being held on criminal charges.

The accident is under investigation.

Worker Struck by Roller Coaster


10.21.13 - At an amusement park in Austria, a ride operator was seriously injured as he tried to retrieve a hat after a guest lost it.

The worker climbed over a barrier and was struck by an approaching roller coaster car.

He was airlifted to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The accident is under investigation.

2 Dead and 2 Injured in Amusement Ride Accident


10.20.13 - At Sanchez Amusement Park in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, 2 people were killed and 2 seriously injured when the Russian Mountain roller coaster came off the tracks.


According to a report, when the roller coaster car reached the top of the lift hill, some 60 feet up, the chain broke causing the car to roll back and derail on a turn at the bottom of the lift hill.


A man and woman died due to head injuries and two boys sustained broken bones in the mishap.


A public prosecutor said that the amusement park managers did not have the proper paperwork to operate the ride. The amusement park owner, however, said they did.


The accident is under investigation.

Boy Falls From Skyride


10.4.13 - At the Mississippi State Fair in Jackson, Mississippi, a boy fell some 30 feet from the Skyride.

It's been reported that the boy was riding alone when he fell. According to his mother he sustained 2 broken wrists, and blood on his brain.


According to state fair officials, an inspection showed that all safety lap bars on all cars were working properly.


It is unknown how the boy fell from the ride.

3 Injured in Chinese Amusement Park Accident


9.15.13 - At Qinling Amusement Park in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, three people were thrown from an unknown high-speed, windmill-like ride.

All three of the injured sustained broken bones. One of the injured underwent emergency surgery in an attempt to save their life.

Mechanical failure has been named as the cause of the accident. Park records show that the ride passed a safety inspection within the past month.

According to a park visitor, the ride's staff failed to check their safety harnesses before the ride started.

Ride Loses Power and Injures Children


9.8.13 - At Oyster Fest in Norwalk, Connecticut, various children were injured when the Zumur swing ride lost power.

Apparently the ride suddenly stopped while in operation and riders’ swings began colliding with each other. The injured were transported to a local hospital with various types of injuries.

The ride was being operated by Stewart Amusement and the accident is under investigation.

Girl, 4, Injured; Ride Operator Terminated


8.25.13 - At Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, New Jersey, a four-year-old girl sustained an ankle injury on the Speedway ride.

According to a New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs spokesperson. "The injured individual was on the platform when the ride started. The park has reported to us that the operator was terminated. We performed an inspection and witnessed an operational test on the ride and found no mechanical problems with the ride."

Boy, 3, Has Fingered Severed by Ride


8.25.13 - At the Sheppey Summer Carnival in  Sheerness, Kent, United Kingdom, ‎the tip of a 3-year-old's finger was severed by a bumper car.

According to eyewitness accounts, the boy was outside of the bumper car ride and put his hand over the metal barrier when one of the cars smashed into the side of it, trapping his hand between the bumper car and the barrier.


The boy was treated on the scene and then rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to sew the boys finger back on.


The accident is under investigation.

Boy Strangled on Ride


8.21.13 -  At a carnival in Skorzecin, Poland, a severed rope became caught on a ride 2 boys were riding and wrapped around the neck of one of the boys, strangling him.

The ride continued and the cord, which was being used by a nearby water slide, caught around the neck of one of the children.

Both boys were rushed to the hospital with larynx and neck injuries.

The ride, according to police, appeared to be in good working order. The rope, however, was not properly secured.


The accident is under investigation.

5-year-old Injured After Falling From Ride


8.14.13 - At Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park in Brooklyn, New York, a 5-year-old boy was injured after he got off of the Sea Serpent kiddie roller coaster as it was in motion.

The boy apparently crawled under the lap bar and freed himself from the ride. He then fell in between cars and onto the track. He sustained a large cut to his left leg and was rushed to a local hospital.

The ride was closed and the lap bar and area where the boy was sitting are being looked at to determine how he got out.

2 Killed; 7 injured in Ferris Wheel Accident


8.10.13 - At International Park in Rosario, Argentina, two children were killed and seven people injured (three of them were reported to be children) in a Ferris wheel accident.

A car broke loose near the highest point of the ride, according to witnesses. It, "was up at the top when it broke off, people flew, and it came crashing down," according to one witness.

The ride had apparently experienced problems the previous week before being repaired and put back into service.


Two people have been arrested and the accident is under investigation.

Girl and Man Injured by Ride


8.4.13 - At a carnival in Capalaba, Australia, a five-year-old girl and a carnival worker were injured when a ride fell on them.

The man's leg became trapped, but was freed, with a possible leg fracture. He was rushed to a local hospital for his injury. The girl suffered bruising and was treated at the scene.


The cause of the accident is unknown and is under investigation.

Woman Injured Exiting Amusement Ride


7.30.13 - At the Montana State Fair in Great Falls, Montana, a woman was injured as she was exiting the Zipper ride.

According to the ride's operator, Mighty Thomas Carnival, the woman fell while being exiting the ride. They went on to say that one of the cars may have been higher than it should have been during the unload. The woman was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries.

The ride was closed and being inspected.

Girl, 10, Injured on Water Ride


7.23.13 - At Walibi Holland theme park in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands, a 10-year-old girl was severely injured on the El Rio Grande water ride.


The girl sustained a foot and lower leg injury after she apparently tried to get got off the ride early and became stuck in the ride's lift belt, which drives rafts back towards the load/unload area.


The girl was transferred to a local hospital with serious injuries and had to have her foot amputated.


An investigation is underway to try and determine what happened.

Boy Injured on Ride


7.20.13 - At the Porter County Fair in Valparaiso, Indiana, a 15-year-old boy was injured on the Starship ride (also known as The Gravitron).


According to witnesses, the boy apparently hit his head while the ride was in motion and was carried off of the ride by ride operators. Once off, people were attempting to stabilize his neck and the boy could only communicate by blinking his eyes.

The boy was transported to a local hospital and his condition is unknown.


According to reports, the ride was reopened after nothing mechanically wrong was found.


The ride was being operated by North American Midway Entertainment out of Indiana.

Woman Dies While Riding Roller Coaster


7.19.13 - At Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas, a 52-year-old woman died when she fell from the 3rd row of the Texas Giant roller coaster.


The woman was said to have fallen some 75 feet, striking a metal support and landing on top of a metal roof tunnel. According to the medical examiner, she died of multiple traumatic injuries and extensive trauma to her torso.


The accident is under investigation.

Boat Flips at Amusement Park; 7 Injured


7.19.13 - At Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio 7 people were injured when the Shoot The Rapids ride rolled down its lift hill and flipped over.

6 people were reported to have been treated at the parks first aid station, with one who was transferred  to a local hospital for treatment.


The ride was closed and the accident is under investigation.

2 Struck by Piece of Carnival Ride


7.18.13 - At the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Central Point, Oregon, 2 children were injured when a piece of metal came off the Zipper ride, striking one boy in the face and glancing off the other.

The two children were treated on scene and released to their parents. The ride was shut down and the accident is under investigation.

The ride was being operated by Funtastic Shows.

Girl, 13, Falls From Ferris Wheel


7.8.13 - At a carnival in Lautoka, Fiji, a 13-year-old was injured after she fell some 50 feet from a Ferris wheel while it was in motion.

According to witnesses, she fell from the moving Ferris wheel after the latch on her seat had come undone, a second girl, however, was able to hang on and did not fall. A third rider, a man, was reported to be drunk while on the ride and shaking the seat while the ride was in motion. He is in police custody for his actions.


The girl was rushed to a local hospital and her condition is unknown.

12 Injured When Roller Coaster Trains Collide


6.30.13 - At Skara Sommarland amusement park in Skara, Västra Götaland County, Sweden 12 people were injured when cars on the Tranan roller coaster collided.


The incident occurred when a roller coaster train went right into a stationary car in front of it at the end of the ride instead of coming to a complete stop.

The injured sustained scrapes and bruises.


The ride will remained closed while the accident is being investigated.

Boy Struck By Ride


6.20.13 - At the Red River Ex in Winnipeg, Canada, a boy was struck by the Wild Mouse coaster as he tried to retrieve a hat.


The boy apparently climbed a 5 foot fence after exiting the ride and was subsequently struck by one of the rides cars. He was rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries.


An investigation is ongoing, however, mechanical failure has been ruled out as a cause.

Ride Overturns; 3 Seriously Hurt


6.8.13 - At a fair in Russia, three people were seriously injured when a part of the Caterpillar, a children's amusement ride, overturned.

Apparently two of the six fully loaded ride carriages derailed and overturned as it made its way back to the station, causing three people to fall some 10 feet.

A 10-year-old girl suffered a traumatic brain injury and broke several ribs. Two other people, identified as a 62-year-old woman and a 33-year-old woman, suffered a variety of serious injuries, including one of them who suffered multiple fractures of the lower jaw and head trauma.

Technical malfunction and sabotage were possible causes of the accident according to officials.

Russia's Investigative Committee has launched a criminal investigation to determine whether the ride did not meet safety requirements or whether criminal negligence resulted in bodily harm. On May 24 the ride apparently passed a safety test.

3 Injured After Carnival Ride Malfunctions


6.8.13 - At the All American Days Carnival in Bellaire, Ohio, 3 people were electrically shocked when a cord from the ride came off.


According to one of the injured an electrical cord from the top of the ride came off and hit her in the head, shocking her. Another woman and an 8-year-old boy were also shocked while waiting in line.


All three were taken to a local hospital. All were released, except for the 8-year-old boy who is still in the hospital receiving treatment.


The ride was being operated by Deshler Amusement, Inc. The accident is under investigation.

Boy, 13, Injured After Ride Fails


6.1.13 - At the St. Neots Fair in Cambridgeshire, England, a 13-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with a suspected fractured ankle and 10 others were examined for injuries after the X Ride failed.

The X Ride which tips and spins passengers around apparently began rocking back and forth according to witness along with a loud bang that was also heard.


The incident is being investigated by the  Health and Safety Executive.

Boy, 5, Thrown From Ride


5.19.13 - At a carnival in Highfields, Queensland, Australia, a five-year-old boy was seriously injured when he was thrown some 30 feet from the Frisbee ride.

The boy suffered serious head injuries and fractures. It is being reported that he may have been too small for the ride.

Workplace Health and Safety is investigating the accident.

3 Children Injured on Ride


5.17.13 - At the Celebrate CB Carnival in Council Bluffs, Iowa, 3 children were injured when the Monster Truck ride they were on flipped.

Apparently the ride flipped over as it was going up an incline on the track, striking a truck in front of it. The truck reportedly had come loose from its hoist. One child suffered a laceration to their forehead, while two others received what is being described as minor injuries. All three were treated and released from a local hospital.

The ride was closed and an inspection is pending from the Iowa Department of Elevator and Amusement Park Rides.

Ride Strikes 5-Year-Old; Breaks Leg


4.29.13 - At a carnival in Seacombe, Wallasey, England, a girl was struck by a ride that was undergoing maintenance, breaking her right leg.


The girl was standing near the ride when it flew towards her. According to her mother, she was able to partially move her out of the way, resulting in only her right leg being struck.


The ride was being operated by Mega Value Fun Parks out of Manchester, England.


The Health and Safety Executive are conducting an investigation.

Woman Dead After Roller Coaster Derails


4.10.13 - At Leo Foo Village Theme Park in Kuanhsi Chen, Hsinchu, Taiwan a 17-year-old girl died after having a heart attack.

The girl had just ridden the Screaming Condor roller coaster, when according to reports, she turned pale and bent over.


The Screaming Condor is manufactured by Intamin AG of Switzerland.


The park had this to say: "We regret what happened but passengers are warned very clearly what to expect and are told to keep away if they have any health problems."

Woman Dead After Roller Coaster Derails


3.22.13 - At an amusement park in Cambodia, a 21-year-old woman died after the roller coaster she was in derailed.

According to reports, a Cambodian tourist guide was riding with the woman in the front car of the roller coaster when it went off the rails. They were the only two people riding.

Three people working at the amusement park were immediately detained. The accident is believed to have been caused by a loose bolt.

Carnival Ride Fails


3.19.13 - At the Lehigh Spring Festival in Lehigh Acres, Florida,  the Ring of Fire ride failed. Sending various people to the hospital.


According to a witness, a wheel appeared to fall off the ride. 2 riders were taken to the hospital and others refused treatment. 5 people in total were injured.


The ride was being operated by Modern Midways.


UPDATE: A state report says Modern Midways is to blame for not properly maintaining the ride and operating it with a known defect. An exact cause of the accident could not be determined because of the extensive damage to the ride.

Woman Decapitated on Go-Kart


2.8.13 - At a go-kart track in Turkey a 24-year-old woman was beheaded when the cart she was riding in crashed into a safety barrier.


It is believed a scarf may have become entangled with her seat belt. She apparently tied the seat belt around her neck instead of her chest.

She lost control of her go-cart while turning a corner and crashed into the safety barriers. That is when, according to witnesses, the seat belt tightened around her neck, cutting her head off.

Metal Bar Falls From Ferris Wheel; Kills Man


1.24.13 - At Global Village in Dubai, United Arab Emirates a metal bar fell from the Freij World Wheel, killing a man who was waiting for his children as they rode.


3 men who were in charge of operating and managing the ride are apparently facing charges of causing the death of the man,

The case was transferred to a prosecutor and an investigation is pending.

4 Injured at Disneyland Paris


1.3.13 - At Disneyland Paris four people were treated for minor injuries after a wagon broke off from a steam engine on the five-wagon Disneyland Railroad ride.

Apparently a bolt snapped between the first and second wagons of the train, sending the engine and one wagon ahead of the others. The three rear wagons struck the first section when it stopped at the end of the line.

The injuries were reported to be minor.

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