Islands of Adventure

76 Significant Injuries in 2015




Dragon Challenge


18 leg related. Riders lost feeling in their legs and had issues walking after ride. 5 neck related injuries. Total is for both sides of ride.

Flight of the Hippogriff



Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls 4 4 trip and fall related injuries.
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 35 18 neck related injuries. 17 shoulder related injuries. Riders, which we could not pinpoint, complained of vision issues after riding. Contact us for summaries.

Incredible Hulk


12 neck and 2 back related injuries. Closed September 2015.

Jurassic Park River Adventure 0 None.
Pteranodon Flyers 0 None.
The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man 0 None.


68 Significant Injuries in 2014

69 Significant Injuries in 2013

30 Significant Injuries in 2012

33 Significant Injuries in 2011

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